1.5/10 2003’s “Wrong Turn”, which had some famous or just before they were famous faces, was a fun, forgettable horror flick that was run of the mill but a good time. An interesting premise and an attractive cast carried that movie. After its relative success, five different direct to DVD sequels followed that were all poor quality, but knew what they were. They were fun, violent, cheesy horror sequels much like the direction that other long lasting horror franchises took (“Friday the 13th” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”). Upon hearing that the latest installment would act as a semi reboot and take the franchise back to theaters for the first time in 18 years, I figured that the quality, budget and production values must have significantly gone up since this wasn’t going straight to DVD/Blu-ray or streaming. Boy, was I sadly mistaken. See, at least the straight to DVD terrible sequels were at least a lot of fun and had the over the top gore and T&A that horror fans love. They were movies you could laugh at but enjoy. This atrocity takes away all of the fun and replaces it was woke politics for the first half of the movie and then slow, cliché nonsense for the second half of the movie. Coming in at two hours, as opposed to an hour and a half like all of the other movies in this franchise, this movie really starts to drag once we meet the villagers. Also known as “Wrong Turn: The Foundation”, the pacing was fine in the first half but slows to a crawl later on. Besides our main female protagonist Jennifer, played by one of the few highlights of the movie, Charlotte Vega, none of the other characters have much of a personality or are extremely annoying and we can’t wait for them to die. The script is absolutely terrible and so many moments had me rolling my eyes. The forest the movie takes place in is huge. Yet our characters always run into every set trap imaginable. A gigantic log rolls down a hill at one point which A) was baffling that there was such a long stretch where there were no trees for the log to roll continuously without stopping against other trees and B) that scene was shot and edited so quickly and sloppily that you will have no idea what’s going on or what you are watching when it happens. A character with a gun confronts the evil foundation people and decides the best course of action is to fire off three rounds of his limited ammunition into the air instead of shooting the bad guys. One warning shot, I can maybe understand but shooting off half of your rounds? Come on, man. Help always conveniently shows up at the last second anytime a main character gets into any real trouble in true, lazy ex machina fashion. And as for the fun gore and T&A of the prequels to this? We get zero T&A and 95% of the violence and gore is off screen, which was a total waste. At the end of the movie characters are easily able to be tracked down with no explanation and you would think our protagonists, having been through severe trauma and near death, would have a gun or two for protection but they are as dumb as the screenwriter. The movie isn’t scary, it isn’t fun, it pushes SJW woke politics in the beginning, it drags in the second half and was even worse than the purposely cheesy straight to DVD sequels. The only redeeming factors were Charlotte Vega who had strong screen presence and the score from Stephen Lukach who provided a creepy, ominous score, even if certain tracks did have shades of the score from “Under the Skin”. An utter waste of time and a sharp…wrong turn…for the franchise.

#HillbillyElegy2 / #CrappalachianTale / #WrongTurn:TheFrustration / #WrongTurnThisOff / #InTheWrongTheaterAtTheWrongTime / #RangerThings

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