#44 Film in 2020: Synchronic

https://youtu.be/fl_kzTQvPVw 8.5/10 Despite some major differences, “Synchronic” reminded me of “Tenet”. Both films deal with traveling through time, have impressive visuals, someone who needs rescued and fantastic scores. But where “Tenet” failed to develop its characters, “Synchronic” dives in deep, revealing our protagonists’ motivations and taking them on a journey of self-discovery. Plus, this film … Continue reading #44 Film in 2020: Synchronic

#42 Film in 2020: The Empty Man

https://youtu.be/tk6u9X1bW30 8/10 “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.” – Senator Palpatine. I found that line appropriate for this film since I had rather low expectations, as I do with most modern horror films that rely on cheap jump scares and undeveloped characters making stupid decisions. However, “The Empty Man” far exceeded my … Continue reading #42 Film in 2020: The Empty Man

#40 Film in 2020: The Nest

https://youtu.be/svq5OzzT7s4 5/10 Much like my last review for “Possessor”, this movie similarly comes from a filmmaker who is both a writer/director and had a gigantic gap between his debut film and this follow up. Whereas “Possessor” came eight years after “Antiviral”, here we have “The Nest” arriving nine years after writer/director Sean Durkin’s debut film, … Continue reading #40 Film in 2020: The Nest

#39 Film in 2020: Possessor (Uncut)

https://youtu.be/ahn56QWkD0Y 6.5/10 Writer/director Brandon Cronenberg’s famous father of the same profession, David Cronenberg, is one of my favorite directors (especially when it comes to the horror genre) and I have been going through his filmography throughout 2020 since the horror of his films seems to coexist nicely with the year we are all going through. … Continue reading #39 Film in 2020: Possessor (Uncut)

#38 Film in 2020: Kajillionaire

https://youtu.be/xiMPCevu8Wk 5/10 If you are looking for a movie that is full of oddities, “Kajillionaire” has them in spades for you. This movie has strange characters, ridiculous situations and despite some positive aspects, when the movie ends you will never want to revisit it again. As for those positive aspects, “Kajillionaire” does have several of … Continue reading #38 Film in 2020: Kajillionaire