The Twilight Zone Season 3 (1988-1989) 5.5/10 After a horrible debut season (2.5/10) followed by an incredible sophomore effort (8/10), the third and final season of the rebooted 1980s series wound up in the middle and as I predicted in my season two review, succumbed to having too many episodes. While season two went with the “less is more” approach … Continue reading The Twilight Zone Season 3 (1988-1989)

The Twilight Zone Season 2 (1986-1987) 8/10 After a disastrous debut season for this revival of Rod Serling’s classic television show, I was pleasantly shocked at what a huge upgrade this season was over season one (2.5/10). I complained about inconsistency in the first season since it was the first season without Serling’s singular vision. Part of what makes this … Continue reading The Twilight Zone Season 2 (1986-1987)

Manifest Season 1 7.5/10 From executive producer Robert Zemeckis, who has some experience with both aircraft stories (“Flight”) and time traveling (“Back to the Future” trilogy), comes “Manifest”; a show about Flight 828 which vanishes on a return flight back from Jamaica with all passengers presumed dead. Five years later, the plane touches down as if nothing … Continue reading Manifest Season 1

Thai Cave Rescue Season 1 6/10 Following 2021’s incredible documentary “The Rescue” (9/10) and this year’s Hollywood film from Ron Howard “Thirteen Lives” (7.5/10) comes this six episode, limited series on Netflix, “Thai Cave Rescue”. I was initially horrified when I found out about this series solely because it had the name Jon M. Chu attached to it. Chu … Continue reading Thai Cave Rescue Season 1