The Twilight Zone Season 1 (1985-1986) 2.5/10 After taking a look at “The Twilight Zone” from the late 1950’s into the 1960’s, the second iteration of the show debuted in 1985 and ran for three seasons. I am hoping things improve since this first season was an absolute disaster. The biggest problem with this first season can be summed up … Continue reading The Twilight Zone Season 1 (1985-1986)

The Get Down Season 1 5/10 Due to the recent release of “Elvis”, I decided to binge watch everything that director Baz Luhrmann has directed. After completing his filmography leading up to “Elvis”, I landed on “The Get Down”, which Luhrmann co-created and directed the pilot for Netflix. While several aspects work extremely well, the series ultimately ends up … Continue reading The Get Down Season 1