6/10 From writer Derek Kolstad who wrote the John Wick trilogy, “Nobody” has shades of “John Wick” that both help and hinder this movie. On one hand, as a writer, Kolstad is basically repeating himself as the plot of this movie is literally “A History of Violence” plus “John Wick” and out comes “Nobody”. So the plot is nothing new and most supporting characters aren’t developed (our protagonist’s family only exists as people for him to protect and not individual characters with agency of their own). There are also some extremely over the top, eye rolling moments that will take you out of the movie. I can’t believe I am saying this but this movie made the John Wick films look realistic in comparison. The villain is also two dimensional and forgettable, just an evil Russian and nothing else. On the other hand, Bob Odenkirk gives a great leading performance and while pushing 60 years old, got into amazing shape for this role and is completely convincing. Connie Nielsen doesn’t have a ton to work with in terms of the script but her acting is solid with what the script gives her. Christopher Lloyd has limited screen time but I love what they did with his character and the direction they took him in. I can complain about the script and clichés all I want but the real reason you want to see a movie like this is for the action and like the John Wick trilogy, the action delivers. The action isn’t as strong as the past couple of Wick films but the action scenes in this movie are a lot of fun to watch and well choreographed. Another thing I loved about the action scenes, particularly the one on the bus that is teased in the trailer, is how vulnerable Hutch (Odenkirk) is. Instead of making him out to be some super human guy who never even takes a punch because of how great of a fighter he is, the movie has him take quite a licking. I’ve complained about many action movies where a main character will get shot in the stomach but then be sprinting in the next scene or fall from a building and then two scenes later is fine (the recent “The Marksman” with Liam Neeson had this problem) but director Ilya Naishuller is smart enough to make our hero realistic in terms of how much damage he can take before he is down for the count. He also does a great job handling the soundtrack and has an inspired choice in music selection. Yet he also knows when to use silence (the aforementioned bus fight scene is largely done without any music as the sounds of the fight are enough on their own). Coming in at around an hour and a half, this is a perfect bite sized piece of action that even if you don’t end up liking it, you didn’t waste too much time. “Nobody” can be summed up as a fun but flawed movie, one which is a lot of fun to watch but the script could have used a couple more passes to separate it from the other films it borrows too heavily from. Set your expectations accordingly and let Odenkirk’s dedication impress you in this movie that…nobody…will stop you from enjoying, flaws and all.

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