2.5/10 My 5th most anticipated new TV show of 2021, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is easily the worst thing to come out of the MCU since “Captain Marvel” and this is probably even worse than that by a (ginger) hair. Before I get to the laundry list of why this show is garbage and you should just stick to “WandaVision”, I will give credit where credit is due. Since Disney has all the money in the world, the visual effects are top notch, which is a compliment you could literally give every Marvel film/show but still is worth mentioning. Most of the fight scenes are entertaining and coming in at around six hours, at least this painful experience will be a quick one. Most of the acting is well done with Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and Daniel Brühl giving their best. It is just a shame that the script and overall quality doesn’t live up to their full commitment. Speaking of the script, I guess we can use that as a jumping off point as to why this show is terrible. The overall plot is lame, the villains are entitled SJWs, the new Captain America’s personality jumps around like a pinball with zero consistency, we get heavy handed woke, leftist identity politics shoved down our throats and for the first time in any Marvel film or show can I say that this was BORING. Long, single therapy sessions. Long, double therapy sessions. Talking at the bar with an elderly man. Boat repairs. Applying for bank loans. Political hearings. Press tours. Overlong speeches. Marching bands. If those were pitched as the hallmark of a new Marvel show, you would rightly question why the Hell this was given the green light. This show was totally boring and you know it is bad when the six hours we get with Bucky and Sam have them less interesting and charismatic than the limited amounts of screen time we got with them in past Marvel films. You’d think with more time spent with them that they would be more developed but I ended up caring less and less the further the show went along. By the time we get the big twist as to who the Power Broker was, I really couldn’t have cared less. I shrugged and looked back at my watch to see how much longer the episode was. The banter back and forth between Sam and Bucky that was meant to build upon their chemistry fell totally flat, felt forced and wasn’t funny at all. Speaking of Sam and Bucky, in one scene they are deep into conversation throwing the Captain America shield around with ease and then in a following training montage with Sam completely alone and focused, he actually gets worse at throwing around and catching the shield. The main female villain gives a weak performance and her motivations were contradictory and the way she would go about achieving her goals were unclear and never fully addressed. Why her followers blindly followed her was pretty baffling. There are lots of bad lines of dialogue and no laughter to be found but don’t worry because showrunner Malcolm Spellman has time to push identity politics and remind you that all white cops are racist. He is supposedly attached to a fourth Captain America film and if that ends up being true, get ready for what could be a new low for the MCU that will make “Captain Marvel” look like “Captain America: The Winter Solider”. The irony is not lost upon me that last week I reviewed HBO’s “Watchmen” which was also loaded with woke, leftist false narratives and identity politics but at least that show had an engaging story, developed characters with clear motivations, clever twists and turns and phenomenal acting across the board, while being exciting and mysterious. Here we get a forgettable score, bland direction, forgettable villains, weak dialogue, SJW messaging, inconsistencies and boring scene after boring scene with no emotional payoffs. I could go into further detail with more specific examples, but just like me meandering from episode to episode…I just don’t care anymore.

#dIeKarli / #SponsoredByJohnnieWalker / #FalconPunch / #EmilyVanCampy / #OverBored / #QuitFalconAround

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