6/10 Based off of the acclaimed novel, “Chaos Walking” has a really cool concept and takes place in a world where men can no longer hide their thoughts and everything they think is said out loud around their head. Women were spared from that same curse as they remain normal. Men are no longer able to get away with lying, having privacy and their true thoughts on everyone and everything eventually come out. The concept is great but you quickly realize how miserable living would be if you had every thought known. This provided some really funny comedic moments when Todd (Tom Holland) would imagine something and Viola (Daisy Ridley) could see what he was thinking about. Using your own imagination to take things even further in my own head had my laughing out loud more than I do in most comedies. The overarching plot worked, most of the acting was solid and the visuals were well done in establishing the rules of this universe. The problems within “Chaos Walking” are revealed through the script with underdeveloped characters, inconsistent moments and a lack of payoff with some character arcs. There are some predictable moments (like when we find out who the true villain is) and the villain’s action at the very end were so out of character that I didn’t believe that person would have acted that way for one second. Viola doesn’t have much of a personality as Todd is more of the leading character and the one struggling with what he comes to learn. The climax could have been stronger and the way they used a preacher character was intriguing at the beginning but they really didn’t know what to do with his character once he had been established. Nick Jonas is barely in the movie and his character is paper thin and doesn’t serve much of a purpose. This movie went through reshoots and multiple delays (not all caused by the Chinese Virus) and I could tell that a few things story wise with the flow felt like there might have been too many cooks in the kitchen between the writers, director and studio. Overall though this was better than I thought it would be since my expectations were low due to the very public reshoot issues and the failure at the box office (even by pandemic standards). In the end, this is a flawed movie with story/character issues that a few more drafts of the script could have addressed but there is fun to be had, a decent score, mostly solid visuals and a great concept, making this a solid rental/movie to stream if you keep your expectations in check.

#StarringThoughtsAndPrayers / #ToAllTheNoiseIveLovedBefore / #ToddsNotDead / #NoiseWillBeNoise / #MindOverChatter / #TheThoughtThickens

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