6.5/10 Capping off my week of LGBT reviews, each movie got better the further I went along, ending with “The World to Come”, a flawed but decent film worth seeking out if these kinds of films are your cup of tea. The gay/lesbian forbidden period piece is done rather frequently (very recently with “Ammonite”) so what this film lacks in originality, it makes up for in performances and emotions. Katherine Waterston and Vanessa Kirby (who is killing it coming off of “Pieces of a Woman”) are both phenomenal. Waterston with her longing eyes and stolen glances and Kirby with her mischievous smile and confident attitude. They have strong chemistry as they find solace in each other while fighting the isolation and seclusion of mostly loveless marriages and constant grief. Christopher Abbott gets the least amount of screen time but makes the most of it and Casey Affleck continues to impress (also coming off of a great turn in “Our Friend”). The film begins in winter and even once summer comes, the cold, dark dread of winter lingers throughout the entire film. The heart break and sorrow all of our characters face are well established in a rough time period in history where the average life span was decades shorter than it is today. As for what didn’t work, Waterston narrates and although she does a fine job, I just found there to be way too much narration. Some of it was unnecessary and some of it felt overwhelming at times. There were some odd editing choices that didn’t work for me and although overall the score was gorgeous, one track during a snow storm (entitled “The Storm”) took me out of the film. Finally, we get a bit of a hallucination moment near the end of the film that was a little jarring since before that point in the film there had been nothing like it. Some plot clichés and technical choices rubbed me the wrong way but the powerful acting, strong emotions and impressive cinematography make this world a visual feast that won’t blow you away but is worth a stream/rental for sure.

#TheFrown / #ReleasesOfAWoman / #RightUpYourTallie / #WhenDairyFarmerMetTallie / #DyerDyerHouseOnFire / #FantasticBreastsAndWhereToFindThem

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