3.5/10 As a fan of documentaries, I have been watching and reviewing more of them lately. I was excited to check this one out as I am a close follower of politics and am fascinated by American history. It was all the more disappointing that “MLK/FBI” was a letdown that has been propped up by typical overinflated critical reviews. Before I get to why this documentary isn’t worth your time, I will give credit where credit is due and point out the several things this movie did right. In normal documentaries, when people are interviewed we see them talking. Sometimes we cut between them talking and B roll footage AKA other footage relevant to what they happen to be discussing. In this movie, we are never shown who is interviewed. Their name appears on the screen and all we get is the B roll footage which actually works better and I wish more documentaries followed suit. The interviewees act as narrators as opposed to slowing things down by being shown, something we expect but really don’t need. The B roll footage was great in the movie and the score worked well. I did learn that there is a lot more information about MLK Jr. to come out in February of 2027, which I previously did not know so it was nice to learn something new. As for what didn’t work, first and foremost, besides the aforementioned 2027 info, there isn’t enough new material here to warrant a one hour and 44-minute documentary about a man who has already widely been documented. This is based on newly declassified documents from President Trump (something the movie doesn’t even acknowledge him doing) but most of what was uncovered, the FBI trying to bring down MLK Jr. by exposing his affairs, seedy sexual misconduct, Communist ties, etc. via wiretapping and bugs, we already knew. It would have been better to wait until after February 2027 and then see if there is enough new information to warrant a feature length documentary because almost everything presented here is what we have already known for years. While it is always a great reminder to show that the FBI has been doing corrupt work for the government for decades (and still is to this day), anyone who knows basic history already knows this. The other glaring issue with this movie was a couple of people who were interviewed for the movie. One woman, instead of focusing on MLK Jr. or the FBI, goes off on critical race theory nonsense that felt more like a personal tirade than anything relevant to the subject matter. Even worse, the documentary has the audacity to interview one of the most corrupt, lawless people in the history of the FBI, James Comey, and have him talk about the dark days of the FBI and how they used to be corrupt. It was completely laughable the lack of self-awareness he has talking about corruption in the FBI when he has taken part in so much of it. This documentary felt more agenda driven than serious throughout its running time and letting clowns like Comey speak didn’t help matters. Straight forward films like “Selma” would be better in educating you on MLK Jr. than this failed attempt to push forward false narratives and when it comes to its actual subject matter, doesn’t tell us much of anything we didn’t already know.

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