8/10 Upon completing my third season of the Marvel/Netflix shows following the debut seasons of “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”, Daredevil is back for what is so far, the best season yet and an improvement over season one. I enjoyed season one and bestowed a 7/10 rating upon it and now that all of the main players were previously introduced, season two was free to expand the first season’s characters, introduce some awesome new ones (Elektra and The Punisher) and start to connect the Marvel/Netflix universe in a natural way that doesn’t feel forced. Each of the 13 episodes are exciting, entertaining and well paced. I never felt like there was a filler episode to just take up time. The acting is overall fantastic (the only exception being Vincent D’Onofrio’s voice sometimes seemed over the top and took away from his performance) and the season is well written and directed. This continues to have the best fight choreography in probably any television series I have ever seen. Whether it is on a roof top, in a stairwell, in an underground sewer or in an apartment complex, the fight choreographers are constantly finding new ways to impress the audience. Some movies or shows have to force characters back in unnaturally if the character was a hit the first time around (see Chris Pine in “Wonder Woman 1984”) but every character from season one who returns does so in a way that serves the story instead of just fan service. The plot takes unexpected twists and turns and I especially loved the strained relationship of Nelson and Murdock. Murdock’s double life as Daredevil really takes a toll on his personal life this season and to see that unfold is both heart breaking and realistic. The implementation of Elektra, who is a badass, helped show off a different side of Murdock as we get to see more of their backstories together. The Punisher, also a badass, was my favorite addition to the season and I’m glad they developed him with all of his complexities. I can’t wait to see more of him as he gets his own show down the line. I did have a couple of minor complaints about this season. I know Daredevil’s powers but there are still moments where I don’t believe some of the things he is able to do and he seems to heal insanely fast from every injury he sustains. He will get a spear straight through him and then the next episode is kicking and punching at full force, which took me out of the show for a minute. I was slightly disappointed by the main antagonist this season, who I won’t reveal since that would be a spoiler but it felt like a bit of a retread from the first season and their ending was a bit anti-climactic. They introduce some characters being able to come back from the dead, which is never a good idea as any time anyone dies, the emotional impact is gone because they can always return. Finally, more so than the first season, you can feel the influence of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy here. Whether it is “The Hand” essentially being “The League of Shadows” from “Batman Begins” or Daredevil’s rule/dilemma that he won’t kill criminals, only get them locked up (Batman’s conundrum in “The Dark Knight”), I was too often reminded of Batman when I should have been focused on Daredevil. None of these flaws were big enough to stop me from enjoying the show but still worth noting. That being said, the expansion of the universe, bringing back old characters in a natural way while introducing badass new characters, seeing our heroes pushed to the brink, amazing fight choreography with strong production elements and the well done adult nature of the show makes this one of Netflix’s best shows available and I can’t wait for season three. But first, next up is the debut season of “Luke Cage”…

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