5.5/10 Co-writer/director Paul Greengrass has made some phenomenal films in his career so I was excited to see him reteam with Tom Hanks after their fantastic prior collaboration, “Captain Phillips”. Hanks returns to play yet another captain in this movie but it unfortunately falls short of their previous collaborative efforts. “News of the World” is adapted from a novel and after having watched this, it feels like the slowly paced story being told is much better suited for book readers than film goers. Which brings me to the first noticeable problem with the movie, its slow pacing. A few exciting moments punctuate the movie, especially in comparison to how dull everything else can be, but overall at two hours long, the movie drags in several places and even worse, the ending is completely predictable as you know what will happen to Johanna, played by Helena Zengel. Tom Hanks plays a widow but it is slightly hard to get emotionally invested in the fact that he lost his wife due to the fact that he never speaks of her, we don’t see her in flashbacks and we know nothing about their overall relationship, diminishing the emotional heft of his loss. The worst scene in the movie involves a dust storm and it isn’t the frustration that Captain Kidd (Hanks) acts foolishly when he is otherwise very intelligent but the fact of what happens afterwards being completely unrealistic (without going into spoilers, I will just say that people aren’t giving away free horses). James Newton Howard is a great film composer but his score here is completely forgettable and didn’t do much for me. There are also two moments, one involving a small boulder and one involving a wagon and horses that were painfully obviously CGI. As for what did work, Hanks and Zengel give great performances, especially Zengel considering her being 11 years old when she filmed this movie. Some great bit actors that you will recognize pop up throughout the movie and they all make the most of their smaller roles. The recreation of the post-Civil War time period expertly takes you back in time as the production design and costume design are top notch. The couple of moments of intense action are well done to break up the slow pace of everything. This ends up being a movie that isn’t good or bad; it just exists as something mediocre that you can stream if you have nothing else to watch and it won’t blow you away or insult you. If you want to see a fantastic film from Greengrass with Hanks playing a captain, skip this and go check out the true story of “Captain Phillips” and thank me later. The news of the world is that there isn’t much to see here.

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