8.5/10 My 16th most anticipated film of 2020, after having been delayed from April 2020 to Christmas, “Promising Young Woman” has finally arrived and not only was it a fantastic film but perhaps the real promising young woman is writer/director Emerald Fennell making her feature length directorial debut after years of acting and writing in Hollywood. The direction was extremely meticulous and paired with the editing, took a concept that isn’t extremely visual yet Fennell makes this a visual treat to take in. In combination with the soundtrack, what could have fallen flat becomes an entertaining and immersive experience that I wanted to revisit immediately after the ending credits began to roll. The plot is interesting and timely as Fennell does a solid job of developing her characters so we emotionally bond with them and care for them. The film is two hours long but feels shorter because the pacing is so strong and you are glued to the screen constantly. The cast is pitch perfect with the always reliable and underrated Carey Mulligan knocking it out of the park with her layered performance. Bo Burnham, who I’ve been a big fan of since his early days starting off on YouTube, has a much more complex role than I initially assumed and he really stood out and proves his acting is as strong as his comedy. This film made me wish that Burnham would act in more serious roles going forward. The supporting cast makes the most of their limited screen time, providing memorable moments in the film. Best of all, in regards to the well written screenplay was the fact that a film that could have been an easily predictable revenge flick is elevated into so much more as the plot takes several twists and turns that you will not expect. There are only a couple of negative aspects that stood out to me worth mentioning. First of all, there are a couple of mild coincidences that makes the plot move along that otherwise could have derailed things. For example, an extremely large portion of Mulligan’s plan relies completely upon a bed having a frame with bars as opposed to a flat, wooden frame, which would have ruined everything. There was also one or two lines that felt a little over the top/unrealistic in an otherwise believable film. Finally, as much as I support the film’s message, it does give off an overly feminist vibe of “99% of men are evil” as supported by the fact that every male character in the film but one is either evil, toxic or has done something awful. Men are painted with a pretty broad brush here and I understand the point but felt this could have been handled a little less heavy handed. That being said, this is still a must see and surprisingly one of the funniest films of 2020 as there is humor and some satire to be had along the way. If you are looking for a well-made, well acted, clever take on the revenge genre, look no further than this and I look forward to the promising, young Emerald Fennell’s directorial sophomore effort.

#Bloodbound / #SnuffNight / #WeThinkWeKnowMeToo / #TheToUndoList / #TakeATurnForTheNurse / #CareyMovie

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