4/10 You’d think a respected director like George Clooney leading himself and an all-star cast of talented performers in a futuristic space movie from the writer of “The Revenant” would be a recipe for success but unfortunately you’ll need to think again as “The Midnight Sky” ends up being an emotionless, hollow experience with little to excite you. Before we take a look at everything wrong with this disappointment, its achievements are worth noting. As mentioned earlier, the cast does do a fine job with what they are given. No one will win any acting Oscars here due to the script but everyone pulls their weight and puts in fine work. The vast majority of the special effects look fantastic (the only notable exception being a dream sequence with Felicity Jones that has a clearly green screen background). Alexandre Desplat, one of the best composers working in Hollywood today, provides a terrific score to set the mood. Having Desplat score a space movie starring Felicity Jones definitely gave me a flashback to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” but Desplat wisely doesn’t repeat himself here and provides something new. The production and costume design was on point, making this one great looking movie. If only the script and content could have matched the movie’s visuals. The script has several problems including but not limited to big coincidences, characters living through dangerous situations that would 100% kill them, emotionless characters we don’t care enough about and only two intense action moments in a two-hour movie. Clooney’s direction has problems when it comes to the pacing. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call the movie boring, the movie is so uneventful and lacks a dramatic punch. The two action pieces are fine with one in space being great and one on the ice being passable but they aren’t enough to sustain the entire movie’s running time. Instead we get waste of time scenes like all of the astronauts singing white people anthem “Sweet Caroline” together in an extremely cheesy moment. Some of the talented cast is wasted as they are underwritten and as someone who easily gets emotionally invested in films, I didn’t feel invested in any characters or their struggles. It is also frustrating to see a couple of moments where extremely intelligent individuals have all common sense go out the window as they make terrible, life threatening decisions. There are flashbacks with Clooney’s character at a younger age but it was so distracting having Clooney dub his voice over a completely different actor’s dialogue. We all know what a young George Clooney looked like so to see someone who doesn’t look like him speaking with Clooney’s actual voice was jarring. They should have used the de-aging technology on Clooney so he could have played his younger self. With a plethora of exciting and emotional science fiction space set films out there (including the vastly superior films that this cast has acted in like “Gravity”, “Interstellar”, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, “First Man”, etc.), there is absolutely nothing that “The Midnight Sky” brings to the table that would make you choose this over them. Clooney has made some solid films in the past but continues to prove he is a better actor than director with work like this. Feel free to skip because you won’t be missing much.

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