6.5/10 One thing I am always sure to do before I see a new movie is make sure I have seen any previous films if the current film I am seeing is a sequel, prequel or part of a franchise of connected films. I will even rewatch previous films I have already seen to get hyped for the latest release. However, this is the first time in recent memory that I can think of having broken that rule, but only by accident. I had no idea this was a sequel to “Unfriended” from 2015. So as disappointed as I am in myself for having not seen the first film before I saw this sequel, I have been assured that they use a similar shtick but aren’t directly related to each other. That being said, I had very low expectations of this movie based off of the fact that it all takes place online and I was pessimistic about how that would work out for a full length feature film. To be honest I really didn’t enjoy the first 20 minutes of the movie. Riddled with product placement and not fully used to everything being online, it took me time to adjust. After that initial 20 minutes however, I became used to the movie taking place online and it didn’t bother me anymore. I don’t know how much is repeated or recycled from the first film, idea wise (which is why I wish I would have seen the first film first) but there were some surprisingly clever ideas at play and the movie was actually quite enjoyable for what it was. Sure, there is no real character development or growth for these characters (which admittedly is harder to do when the movie only takes place over the course of one night) and I had a hard time believing that all of these characters would have even been friends together in the first place. There were some mild chuckles and creative directorial decisions made with a solid pacing that really made up for some of the movie’s shortcomings. One of the best aspects was the ballsy ending of the film, which I am glad to have seen some recent horror films embracing lately, as opposed to having everything tied up nicely at the end for every character. This is by no means a horror classic and I would be interested to compare it to the first film but if you liked the first film, like some fun, creative horror with a modern twist or like ballsy endings in movies, I would keep your expectations in check but still check this movie out.

#AnotherOneBytesTheDust / #SilenceOfTheCams / #NariToSay / #WebAndFoe / #NetLosses / #MusicByDefCam

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