8.5/10 Most sequels that come so far after the original film (14 years in this case) usually range from mediocre (“The Force Awakens”) to bad (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”) to downright horrific (“Dumb and Dumber To”) so I was skeptical regarding this film. I gave “Finding Dory” a 7/10 which is still good but it felt like a slight letdown and like it was only made to make money compared to how amazing the original “Finding Nemo” was. I can gladly say that my fears were calmed and although this doesn’t surpass the original “Incredibles” film, it is about as good of a sequel as you can get and an enjoyable thrill ride for all ages. It has all of the features from Disney/Pixar that we have come to expect and despite if the film is good or bad, never lets us down on. Those two features being the voice casting and visual effects. Each passing Pixar film just manages to look better, cleaner and more appealing than the last one and it truly is a sight to behold. One fight scene in particular about half way through the film (the one that will cause people over 65 years old to have seizures) was extremely impressive and fun to watch, especially visually. In regards to the voice cast, everyone from the original came back and the new additions for this film were fantastic in their roles. The real accomplishment here is the story and screenplay. Instead of playing it safe and repeating the first film, writer/director Brad Bird throws us for a loop and subverts at least some of our expectations. Elastigirl steals the spotlight for the first third of the film and although it was great to see her upfront and Mr. Incredible a bit more subdued, I worried that the film would stay like that for its entire duration. Luckily, all three kids and Mr. Incredible do get full character arcs (Dash probably the least but he still has a solid amount of screen time) and the focus manages to cover all of the main characters while simultaneously not being stretched too thin. The film starts a little slow and there are definitely a few predictable moments and clichés near the end but the excellent pacing and jazzy/fun soundtrack more than make up for the minor shortcomings. I appreciate that this film wasn’t rushed and instead they took the time to create a terrific story with smart dialogue and expand on the universe created in the first film. It may not quite reach the level of its predecessor but if you like the first film, animated films, Disney/Pixar films, superhero films or films in general, you are in for an…incredible (sorry, I had to at least once) experience.

#OnParrWithTheFirstFilm / #UltraViolet / #ADashingAdventure / #BreakingBrad / #MrIncrediBullHeaded / #PizzaGate2018

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