7.5/10 “Ant-Man” was probably the Marvel film that looked the most ridiculous and unappealing, particularly to non-comic book fans. Despite its flaws, it really surprised me when it turned out to be a fun time with some really solid humor. Now that we know what to expect, I was curious to see if this sequel would be more of the same or take things up a notch. Thankfully, this sequel delivers on the fun and humor of the first film, while improving on other areas that the first film may have lacked. Giving Evangeline Lilly much more of a character arc and playing as large of a role in the film as Ant-Man himself, as opposed to just being a generic love interest, is perhaps this film’s biggest strength. Lilly does a great job and the rest of the cast you can tell is having fun being there. The chemistry between everyone is great and making the story centered on the family dynamics and the search for Janet Van Dyne was a smart move on the film makers’ part. Michael Pena continues to be hilarious and steal almost every scene he is in. I love that they gave him and his group of supporting characters something to do in this film. The film is not without its flaws though. The impact that the Quantum Realm has on people and the fact that people can survive for so many years there with no food or water is never explained and is very inconsistent. Also, when an entire building gets shrunken down (this shot is in the trailer) and then rolled around like baggage at the airport, everything not locked down to the floor in the building would have slid sideways and been destroyed, but when the building is blown back up to its normal size, everything is left untouched. Walton Goggins is a great actor but after “Tomb Raider” earlier this year and now this, he is really starting to get typecast, which is a shame. The end credit scene on one hand is negative because it is the most convenient timing possible but on the other hand, it might be the best post credits scene in any Marvel film ever just because it leaves you on a cliff hanger and ties in perfectly with the next Avengers film. It really got me excited for next summer when the follow up to “Infinity War” comes out. I enjoyed the soundtrack and the villain wasn’t the most memorable villain ever but I liked her character and her motivations were clear and made sense. I felt she was a slight step up from the first film’s villain. The first film used the concept of shrinking things (the hilarious train fight sequence) and blowing them up (the giant ant at the end of the film) very well but this takes it to the next level and they really outdid themselves creatively with playing with that formula. By no means a perfect film, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” is the fun, enjoyable Marvel film we needed to get our minds off of the ending of “Infinity War”. I definitely recommend this film and look forward to more Ant-Man next summer.

#ThePerksOfBeingAWaspPower / #TheBigLangTheory / #DyneOfTheDead / #FamilyDyneasty / #TinyPym / #TheSnatcherWasAFly

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