3.5/10 Perhaps the lamest origin story since “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, “Annabelle: Creation” has more problems than someone living in a haunted house. Right off the bat this movie takes half of its run time to even get going. There is probably a good 20 minutes of the film’s run time of people slowly walking through rooms, houses, barns, backyards, etc. to explore their new home. It makes sense but through the magical powers of something called editing, the film makers could have sped up this slow and boring process so the audience wouldn’t be so bored. The plot itself is also pretty ridiculous but I won’t get into spoiler territory here. There are just a lot of dumb things that don’t make the most sense. The movie is also full of horror movie clichés like cheap jump scares, characters doing dumb things that no one would do in that situation, cars not starting, flickering lights, etc. This is nothing we have seen a million other times. The characters are also barely developed so we really don’t care about them or what happens to them. I think the film makers assumed that since the vast majority of characters in the movie are little girls, that we will automatically sympathize with them because they are kids, which is lazy. They should have developed the girls more so we felt a stronger emotional connection to them. They barely used a score, which is fine but what they did use was very forgettable. One of the biggest flaws was that the movie wasn’t very scary. I will admit that in the last 45 minutes the pacing really picked up and it was scarier than everything that came before it but even then it still didn’t scare me or stick with me once the end credits started rolling. The acting was a mixed bag for me. The main nun was fine and for having so many child actors, they did a pretty good job for their age. However, a couple of the adults had pretty one note performances (due in part to the weak script) and therefore didn’t have much to do. The positive aspects I will say was that the tone/atmosphere was well established, there was some good cinematography and production/costume design and the movie connected very well to the original “Annabelle” film. That being said, out of all the Conjuring/Annabelle movies, this is by far the weakest. Here is hoping that the next movie in this franchise is far more inspired.

#Guise&Dolls / #MirandaIsOnOttoPilot / #ForWhomTheAnnabelleTolls / #AlongCamePolio / #FleshMinceOfAnnabellesHeir / #BetterCallDoll

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