9/10 A lot of movies based on real life events that are made within several years of the event happening can tread a fine line between respective re-telling of courageous heroes in the face of tragedy or the too soon cash grab to make money off of your emotional connection to said event. Luckily, “Only the Brave” falls into that former category. I figured this would be a decent take on the events that took place in June of 2013 when the Granite Mountain Hotshots battled the Yarnell Hill Fire in Yarnell, AZ, less than two hours away from where I was born, raised and currently reside. I underestimated how truly great this film turned out to be. This is the most emotional film of 2017 (so far) and I cried more in this film than I have all year. The reason being that you really connect with the characters (the main characters are developed very well) and you can feel the sincerity and respect for the men and their families in the film. In addition to getting to know these characters and the sacrifices they made, this film was actually quite educational. I was both surprised and not surprised at how little I actually knew about what firefighters go through, what they do, how they combat fires, getting certified, etc. Without having clunky exposition, the film portrays all of this information in a natural, entertaining way. There are moments of hilarious joy, deep struggles, immense sorrow and just about every emotion you can feel (the film surprisingly has one jump scare that made me jump more than any horror film has this year). Because the cast has such immense respect for the real people they are portraying, the actors all bring their A game and no one phones in their performance. This is director Joseph Kosinski’s third film and so far, his best and it brings up my confidence level in him. This is in the top 5 best films of 2017 as of me reviewing this (that can always change since there is another month and a half of 2017) and I can’t recommend this enough. Just make sure you have the tissues ready for this emotional tearjerker that blew me away.

#ThisFilmMayCauseHeartBurn / #RequiemForATeam / #FlameOn / #MarshWeatherConditions / #FridayNightFireFights / #6:30BlazeIt

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