8.5/10 This is the most pleasantly surprised I have been while watching a movie all year. Not that I expected this movie to be bad in any way. I just had no expectations of it. From an unknown director, released in the middle of summer’s blockbuster season and featuring no big A list stars in the leading roles, it was easy to see why this film flew so far under the radar. The movie is based on a true story and before I get further into the review, I want to give the film some context. My best friend Sachin got me into film making and is probably the reason I even run this website. I consider his family a second family and am so close to them that they have given me an Indian name (I am also on their family plan which is awesome because when I call people with caller ID it says Pramod Patel is calling). I have seen first-hand in the Indian culture what happens when an Indian or a Hindu dates someone who isn’t Indian or Hindu. If the girl is white or black or Muslim or Christian, it is culturally unacceptable. This movie deals with the exact same aspect except it is a Pakistani Muslim dating a white woman. His parents are totally unsupportive because it goes against their cultural beliefs. Having seen these heartbreaking scenarios play out in real life with people I love, it really struck a chord with me. Since this film is based on a true story, it feels like the most authentic and real film of 2017 (so far). The emotions are so raw and because the Pakistani character is a stand-up comedian, we also get some laughs throughout the film to balance out the hardship that these characters face. That emotional tightrope walk that the film balances on perfectly really adds to the overall quality. The supporting characters all give great performances (probably the best work I have seen Ray Romano give and you gotta love that Bo Burnham is in this). Even if you don’t have as personal of a connection to the cultural elements of the film as I do, this is a film for everyone. It shows how love can transcend race and religion and it does so in a realistic, non-preachy, down to Earth way. This movie is in the top three best films of the year so far and is easily the best romantic movie of 2017. Check it out and get ready to be moved.

#BrownWithTheSickness / #YouveGotKumail / #TheWrongRay / #SickAtNite / #NaveedForThis / #TerrysCrew

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