7.5/10 I saw the trailer for this film and had no real interest in seeing it but due to its Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay, I thought I would give it a look. Despite the low expectations, I was impressed by the quality of this film. Annette Bening gives a terrific performance, the very underrated Billy Crudup has a big role and what a year for Elle Fanning following great performances in “The Neon Demon” and “Live by Night.” I look forward to her future projects with great anticipation. Besides the cast, I loved that the movie really gave equal due to developing its five lead characters. Although the mother and son have the primary focus, the other three main characters have plenty to do, play well into the story and are properly developed throughout. Normally dramas are shot in a fairly plain/generic way but this had some directorial style to it and had some great visual flair, which I really appreciated. The script also had some genuinely funny moments that felt natural between the characters instead of forced in for the sake of comedy. My complaints were that the film did start to drag/slow down near the end of the film. The characters were just home doing nothing 90% of the time so I wondered if none of them worked or if the ones that did only worked once or twice a week so how could they all afford to pay rent, buy groceries, still go out, etc. I’m not sure that the replay ability would be fantastic but I do think this is a movie worth seeing that touches on some interesting subject matter about growing old and being satisfied with remaining unhappy and growing up without a father figure and navigating through adolescence surrounded by almost exclusively women.

#WonderWomen / #20thCentureFoxy / #UnplannedParenthood / #AllTheSingleLadies / #WatchBoys / #FrustrationRoad

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