6.5/10 I think I might have slightly enjoyed “Split” more if I hadn’t had been told by multiple people that this film had a twist at the end, in typical Shyamalan fashion. In reality, there was no twist at the end that changed the outcome of the film. The “twist” that people refer to (without giving anything away) just connects the film to something else. Which is all fine and dandy but hardly considered a twist. So I kept waiting for some Earth shattering twist to come that never came. All that being said, overall this is a decent movie. McAvoy gives a fantastic, layered performance (even if the nine-year-old character Hedwig can come across as laughable) and really commits to the role. The main girl who gets kidnapped who was in the best horror film of 2016 (The Witch) continues to impress into this new year. The cinematography, editing and most unique, the opening and closing credits all impressed me (it is rare that I acknowledge credits outside of a David Fincher film). The negatives would be that when the film ended, I felt a bit underwhelmed. Had some unanswered questions and it didn’t leave an extremely emotional impact on me. I didn’t care too much for two of the three kidnapped girls because they weren’t developed enough. Also, Shyamalan strokes his own ego by putting himself in the film. Even though it is for one scene, it is enough to totally take me out of the film, which annoyed me. Finally, although not many films tackle split personality disorder, watching this made me want to watch a different film with similar subject matter but that was overall a much stronger film. If you liked this film or don’t want to see it but want to see a better film dealing with split personality disorder, do yourself a favor and go watch the 2003 James Mangold film “Identity” with John Cusack, Alfred Molina and Amanda Peet. It is an underrated gem that outshines this film. Otherwise, give this decent movie a rental, as it serves its purpose to entertain its intended audience.

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