9/10 Not to be confused with the upcoming biopic of DJ Khaled which I just made up right now, this is one powerful film. Based on a true story and one that is emotionally engaging and will tug at your heartstrings. I am not sure if I cried more in this or “Manchester by the Sea.” The acting is phenomenal across the board, which is especially impressive in the beginning because of all the child actors that were utilized. The score was strong and the production values were high. This is an important story that needs to be told and even though it has its fair share of sad moments, the uplifting ending really packs a punch in today’s divisive world. It also has a very strong pro adoption message to it, which I feel very strongly connected to and am glad to see a mainstream Hollywood movie talk about couples who make the life changing decision to adopt a child. The only complaints I can really hurl at the film are that it was slow in the beginning and took a while to get going pacing wise and that the end credits song was cheesy. Should have just stuck with the great score from the film. But other than those two fairly minor complaints, this film earned its Best Picture nomination and I strongly recommend that everyone see this film and if you have a fraction of a heart in you, you will be greatly moved by this film.

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