7.5/10 Coming only a year after one of 2020’s most underrated films, “The Gentlemen”, Guy Ritchie is back with another strong film that takes him back to his violent roots. I do have to say that I am mad at myself for forgetting that this film is actually a remake. I make it mandatory to see original films before seeing the remake and completely forgot that this fits that criteria. Normally, I’d compare this to the original and say if this just copies it or fails in comparison and therefore shouldn’t have been made, etc. However, since I didn’t watch the French film upon which this is based, “Cash Truck”, I can only state my views upon this film itself. This film has a few flaws but they don’t take away at how enjoyable of a film this is. This is the fourth collaboration between Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham and their first in roughly 15 years. It is great having them back together and Statham in particular is a badass here. Lately he has taken roles in films where he is still a badass but he is cracking jokes and the films themselves are fairly silly (i.e.- “The Meg”/the “Fast and Furious” franchise). So it is refreshing to see him with nothing but a grim look on his face, committing acts of violence and not making a single joke. This is a masculine film and as Hollywood gets more woke and strives for diversity over quality, films like this become more and more rare since masculinity is seen as toxic by leftist elites. The film has a simple but exciting story, is edited in an interesting way where time jumps around and that keeps things thrilling as well as lets the story and twists unfold over a longer period of time as opposed to all at once. The film is heavy on action and although there are problems with the action in terms of realism (more on that later), the action is highly entertaining, badass and fun to watch. The pacing is excellent and I always appreciate a film that has the balls to kill off characters. As for what didn’t work, as I hinted at earlier, there are definitely some over the top, unrealistic moments with the action. The body armor in this film takes a ridiculous amount of gun fire and the characters not only are fine but don’t slow down, something that is literally impossible, especially with the weaponry on display and being used in this film. There are also certain elements that happen too easily or that characters wouldn’t know but do. For example, while planning an escape route, a character brings up an underground tunnel that authorities won’t know about because it hasn’t been on city maps in decades. Yet it’s never explained how he then knows about this tunnel since he doesn’t work with tunnels for a living and I highly doubt he keeps blueprints of the city’s tunnels from WWII era. Moments of coincidence like that had me questioning parts of the script but luckily they aren’t too egregious. Finally, the cameo from Post Malone just served as a giant distraction that took me out of the film and served no real purpose. I feel like Malone just likes Ritchie’s films and asked if he could cameo in one of them so Ritchie agreed. Despite some mild script issues, the annoying and unnecessary cameo and problems with realism, this well scored, masculine, action packed thrill ride has a great cast and is a lot of fun. You might get my wrath if you don’t check this out.

#TheEscapesOfWrath / #HGonGiveItToYa / #TruckTruckLoose / #HollywoodHomicide2 / #CashDashAndTwoSmokingBarrels / #EarnNotice

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