4/10 The story of a father and daughter who are haunted after the death of their wife/mother, “Separation” has some fun twists and turns as well as a few strong performances but falls into mediocrity due to its story and lack of scares. The cast is fairly strong as child actress Violet McGraw who is only 10 years old shows real promise for her acting future. Some of the imagery is unsettling and stays with you, which is what horror movies should aim to do. The movie runs a little long but is well paced so there is always something going on to care about. The score and visuals work well together and thankfully there is a general lack of cheap jump scares. Unfortunately, there are several aspects with the script that either didn’t work or felt recycled from other, superior horror films. Our main protagonist Jeff (played by Rupert Friend) is an odd character to be the leading man. Not only does he seem to lack both a back bone and work ethic to provide for his family, but when speaking at his wife’s funeral and a custody hearing, he seems to go out of his way to degrade himself and his abilities. I found it strange that while speaking on two different occasions where it would make sense to build yourself up and sell yourself, he instead repeatedly announces his flaws and lacks any and all confidence. The story overall felt similar and had several unexplained moments. Without giving too much away, we find out who a main character haunting our protagonists is, which makes sense. Yet there are other creepy demons/ghosts who are based off of Jeff’s creations that aren’t explained as to who controls them seeing as how they are separate entities. As is the case with pretty much every horror movie, there is an escalation of creepiness which always made me wonder why the demon or ghost wouldn’t go full force from the beginning to get what they want. Supporting characters don’t get any development and although a twist near the end was a bit of fun, when you stop and think about it, a lot of it makes no sense. For example, the wife/mother gets run over by a car near the beginning of the movie and whoever hit her would surely have some damage on their car, yet the car is around in plain sight and never seems to be on anyone’s radar. How the car is even tracked down is a mystery which is never revealed as well. The movie seems more like an excuse to throw some creepy imagery together but the story that binds everything wasn’t too thrilling and lacked genuine scares. A supporting character and co-worker just so happens to be an expert on all things related to dead people and spirits, which was a huge coincidence. It is common in horror movies for something horrific to happen, only for the lead character to then wake up from a dream. When that happens twice in a row (a dream within a dream), that is always a bad sign that has been done before and is just laziness in trying to scare the audience. In the end, this is a rental at best and one that you will most likely forget about once the movie has concluded. With many great modern horror films out there from directors like Ari Aster and Robert Eggers, you could maintain a separation from this movie and find something better.

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