8/10 Translated to “Where are you going, Aida?”, “Quo Vadis, Aida?” is the heartbreaking true story of the Srebrenica massacre, a genocide of Bosniak Muslim men and boys during the Bosnian war in mid-July of 1995. 8,000 men and boys were killed as women were left without their husbands, fathers, brothers, friends and neighbors. One of the many saddening aspects of this film is just how current these events are. I remember getting TIME Magazine for Kids in my elementary school and vaguely recall the Bosnian war. The fact that these atrocious events happened so recently shows the unfortunate reality of mankind’s cruelty and war both being unending problems with no end in sight. The film also highlights the complete failure of the joke known as the United Nations and how top leaders did nothing to stop the genocide and weren’t even available to be reached for help during those crucial weeks. The film follows Aida, a UN translator with her husband and two sons as she tries to keep them safe once she figures out what is actually happening to the men and boys once they are separated from the women and children. This film was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards which is why I decided to check it out and although it definitely earned its nomination, I actually think that Serbian lead actress Jasna Djuricic who plays Aida, was worthy of a Best Actress nomination, even though she didn’t receive one. Writer/director Jasmila Žbanić shows extreme talent and makes me want to check out her previous work. Her writing is equally as strong as her direction as she knows how to slowly escalate the drama while creating a sense of impending dread that we can’t escape. This is a depressing film because it is a true story and I can only imagine people who went through these times that are still alive would have a hard time revisiting such a dark time for them in history. However, these are stories that need to be told so we can learn lessons of never repeating them. History should never be erased (something that unfortunately many in America wish to do), no matter how dark or vile as people need to know the truth. Žbanić delivers this truth in an emotional, well acted, strongly written drama that everyone should seek out if you are in the mood for a somber film to watch.

#UNUnNecessary / #ASerbianFilm2 / #LeaveTransnowOrTranslator / #LadyAndTheUNCamp / #AdSerbHumanRightsViolations / #WhoDiedAndMadeYouBosnia?

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