Take the 10

.5/10 I have a question. How can you label a movie as a “comedy” when it has absolutely no comedic elements to it? If I had to narrow this horrendous failure down to one word, I wouldn’t know if I should choose “unfunny” or “pointless”. This movie is another rarity for me in terms of my reviews because it is not often that a movie doesn’t even earn a 1/10. However, this disgrace should just be thankful I gave it half of a point since this is by far the worst “comedy” I have seen in a long time (and I just had to sit through “The Lovebirds”). Chester Tam is the buffoon who “wrote/directed” this and I use the words “wrote/directed” lightly. It is like he watched movies written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, tried to copy the comedic back and forth dialogue that they often write between their best friend characters, but subtracted everything funny and creative in what they write and came up with this. The opening scene reminded me of the opening dialogue from “Superbad” but not in the way that it was funny like that movie, but instead how it tried to loosely rip it off and failed spectacularly. I did not laugh a single, solitary time in this movie. Not so much as a chuckle. I don’t recall even smiling once while having to suffer through this. The story is unoriginal, unrealistic and underdeveloped. Subplots involving romances are barely strung together and then abandoned, the police in the movie dealing with criminal activity are either a total farce or nowhere to be found and the character arcs either don’t exist or are half assed. I really don’t understand why Netflix greenlit this monstrosity. Even the funny Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen both have wasted cameos that amount to nothing. This movie is so insultingly bad that if you stick around through the end credits, they add one last insultingly unfunny moment for the audience to suffer through. Leading men Josh Peck and Tony Revolori are wasted and lack chemistry together. Their friendship was in no way believable, especially since Josh Peck’s character was a complete jerk and a liar. The only mildly positive thing I can say about this movie is that the pacing works well as it comes in at a very lean one hour and twenty minutes long. There is a reason you have probably never heard of this piece of crap and now you can…take the 10 or so reasons I just gave you as to why you should never watch it either.

#WouldntTouchThisWithA10FootPole / #WhatThePeckWereYouThinking? / #MistakeAndJosh / #OutsiderManFarFromHope / #RedYawn / #FlopStar

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