1.5/10 A lesser movie reviewer would have turned this off 15 minutes into it but let no one say that I don’t suffer for my art form. This was really a chore to get through, as the only positive aspects to be found were the quick running time/the pacing staying lean and a couple of stylish, directorial visuals that fit in well with the story being told here. Other than that, this was a complete disaster from start to finish. A great movie will take a subject matter you are not interested in but still make you enthralled due to engaging characters and a strong script. Take “Black Swan” for instance. I could care less about ballet but by making that film a psychological thriller rooted in a great script with memorable characters, I found myself caring about ballet and the film overall. As for this poor excuse for a movie, I don’t care for EDM at all. Call me old fashioned but I believe music should primarily come from instruments, not computers. My personal preferences aside, if this movie would have been great, I wouldn’t have minded any of the musical aspects that I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards. Sadly, this is a movie only for fans of EDM and even they deserve so much better than this. The biggest reason this movie sucks is the script and the fact that we as the audience don’t care one iota about these lame, forgettable characters. There are several sets of characters but because the running time is thankfully short, we never have enough time to develop or truly get to know the characters we spend time with. Reducing the number of characters and giving us more time with them would have been beneficial. For example, one couple is in a relationship with the girl moving away the following day of when this movie takes place. We are supposed to care about their struggle with not addressing her move and their weighing the pros and cons between a long distance relationship or calling the whole thing off but we don’t know these characters at all. We know nothing about their relationship like if it has even been a good or a bad one and therefore we could care less if they stay together or not. This whole movie feels like an extended episode of some MTV reality show where a bunch of young, good looking 20 year olds go to an EDM concert. There are so many unrealistic elements on display here. In crowds of thousands, the main eight or so characters are always so easily able to randomly stumble into each other. How convenient. A drug trip’s visual moment is completely ripped off from the film “Trainspotting”. Many supporting characters are just drugged up and annoying. This concert, which has tons of space, as shown from sweeping overhead shots, suddenly hits maximum capacity so there can be some conflict in the script and people are easily allowed to hop on stage to play a set, which happens near the end of the movie, which would never happen. The fact that the security switches back and forth between being absent or overly serious Nazis who won’t even radio for someone in a position of power to answer a question is embarrassingly jolting. The movie’s antagonist is one dimensional and over the top and the guy who runs the entire XOXO concert is made out to be a genuine guy, yet he hires complete jerks to play at his show and allows them to take advantage of younger, more impressionable people. They say that these EDM concerts may cause seizures and can be especially harmful to people suffering from epilepsy. However, I would rather have an epileptic seizure than have to sit through this complete failure of a movie ever again.
#ModemFamily / #HeckNoHeckNo / #TechNoThankYou / #NoOneIsRavingAboutThisMovie / #EDMEgregiousDisastrousMovie / #ItsKrystalClearYouShouldntWatchThis

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