6/10 Normally a show I wouldn’t be hungry to watch and review, a close friend turned me onto this because it is one of her favorites and I am always willing to give any show or movie a shot so here we are. You will get what you put into “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” based off of your expectations. If you are expecting a high quality, serious, kick ass “Blade” or “Interview with a Vampire” type show, you will hate this show for not coming anywhere near those expectations. If you go in knowing that this is a fun, silly, cheesy show aimed at teenagers, turn off your brain and just sit back and enjoy the ride, you will love it. I can’t condone giving this season of the show a higher rating because of how cheesy and ridiculous it is, but I did enjoy my time watching it. As for those cheesy and ridiculous problems, the show has no realism whatsoever. The fact that there is basically a new monster/creature every week in this school and both students and faculty members (including the school’s principal) are beaten, eaten, maimed, murdered, etc. would realistically mean that this school would have been shut down quicker than me asking a girl out at the bar. This school is so deadly it makes Hogwarts seem super safe in comparison. The fact that these monsters only seem to attack one school, despite being surprisingly populous and the fact that the same kids are always able to pretty easily deal with it and the majority of the population has no idea what’s going on is rather ludacris. The show feels extremely 90s in everything from its lingo to its personal computers and pagers to its fashions to its music choices to the show’s cheesy looking prosthetics that each actor portraying a monster wears. You will either enjoy that 90s nostalgia or cringe at how outdated it is compared to today. That being said, what makes you overlook all that and enjoy the show so much are the loveable characters. I always loved Spider-Man growing up as a character because he was just an average, teenage boy who worried about girls and school and had normal, everyday problems that I could relate to. Buffy is essentially a female version of Peter Parker. She has to conceal who she is and how she fights vampires, has to juggle school life, getting good grades, boys, her mom, etc. The characters including Buffy’s two best friends feel very believable and are well written. Giles, who is the school librarian, was one of my favorite characters as he spiced things up by being the one adult in the group and the brains behind the operation. It was fun to see which character would be the next one to attack Buffy and her peers and it reminded me of reading the “Goosebumps” book series when I was a kid. I do hope that future seasons contain more of an overarching story arc and build up to something as opposed to only being bottled, creature episodes (this season did have an overarching narrative that it jumped in and out of) and hopefully we can see these characters mature and change as the show moves along. The show met my expectations so if you keep yours in check, you will enjoy this but if you are looking for more serious, adult vampire action, it would be a…miSTAKE…to check this out.

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