The Boy 2

2.5/10 After re-watching the first movie (which I gave a 5/10 to instead of the 3/10 it deserves upon further investigation), this sequel that absolutely no one asked for even falls short of that lame first movie. In talking about this movie I will give a spoiler for the first movie (not this one). So in the first movie there is this doll that we think is haunted or cursed because it keeps moving around and causing mayhem. At the end of the movie we find out that the boy that the movie is named after is alive and living in the walls of the house and he is the one moving the doll around and causing trouble. The twist was one of the decent parts of that movie and that was fine. This movie ruins that completely by now making that same doll some kind of a living, demonic creature. So why wasn’t it moving on its own in the first movie but it is now? How was it not a living, demonic entity but suddenly it is? The two movies completely conflict and contradict each other. That is the biggest and most obvious problem with the movie. Another big problem is how terrible the script is. I saw this movie with my sister and we were the only two people in the theater which ended up working out well because we were laughing very loud to the point where we would have disturbed anyone else who would have been there. There were so many unintentionally funny moments, many of which was a running gag involving a child’s parents. There must have been a solid six or seven different scenes where the parents would need to say something in private either about their son or to shield their son since they were talking about graphic, adult content like murder and death. In all of these scenes where they are supposed to be quietly talking away from their son, the camera would pan from the parents talking to their son who could hear every word being said. It became really funny how loudly they would talk or how they would push him like three feet away and then think that he was somehow far enough away so they could then talk and he wouldn’t hear them. It became funnier and funnier as the movie progressed. Add to all this lazy jump scares, horror clichés, a forgettable story, obvious plot turns, nonsensical aspects (in the beginning of the movie we clearly see that the main family has a security system that has to be turned off once they come home but then a massive break in takes place and the alarm magically disappears or stops working apparently), etc. The only positive aspects I can think of are that the pacing was fine and moved along at a solid pace and despite not being a well written character, Katie Holmes does a fine job of acting and making you care about her. If you saw the first movie and want to watch something worse that will give you some good laughs, have some drinks and give this a go. Otherwise, like the first movie, this is about as generic and run of the mill as you can get so I would encourage you to watch this about as much as I would encourage a grown ass man to still play with a doll.

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