Set It Up

7.5/10 Now that the Coronavirus has shut down all theaters, I have had to mainly switch my reviews to films I saw in theaters to TV shows and Netflix films. This is actually a great opportunity for me to catch up on Netflix films I missed out on upon their initial release. One of those films is this one, “Set It Up”, a fun and likeable way to kill some time and brighten your spirits while stuck in quarantine. I will get the negative aspects out of the way first since there aren’t a ton of them. My biggest complaint was that each character’s best friends (Meredith Hagner as Becca and Pete Davidson as Duncan) are pretty underdeveloped and underutilized. Pete Davidson in particular is pretty much wasted here as you could take his character completely out of the film and it wouldn’t change much. I would have liked to have seen a little more of them so they would have mattered to the overall plot. There are some eye rollingly cheesy or ridiculous moments that were too over the top in an otherwise grounded film and the overall romantic comedy genre on display here is very formulaic and something we have seen before countless times. That being said, despite being trapped in the confines of a standard rom com, the script elevates the material and even though we have seen romantic comedies where two people try to set up another couple only to fall for each other in the process, the assistant/work place setting of this film paired with the unbelievable chemistry between our two leads makes this worth watching. Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell go together like jerk bosses and verbal abuse and you won’t get sick of these two when they are onscreen together. They will be uniting for another upcoming Netflix film from the writer of this film and I will see it for their screen presence alone. The supporting cast is great too as Lucy Liu in particular totally owns her role and Taye Diggs has fun playing his part of being the jerk boss to Powell’s character. There are some genuinely funny moments that had me laughing out loud and the soundtrack was fantastic as it mixed more modern music with some classic oldies that I love. The film’s pacing is great and even though the film has predictable aspects, you won’t mind at all while watching as you watch the story unfold. Most romantic comedies these days are passable but forgettable but “Set It Up” will stay with you due to its solid script and just how pleasant it is. Part of me wanted to embrace the darkness of quarantine life and watch darker, more violent films but this lovely film was the much needed injection of happiness and light that I wasn’t expecting. If you are looking for something fun and light hearted to watch during these difficult times, hop onto Netflix and when it comes to this film…set it up.

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