5.5/10 “The Iceman,” “The Animal,” “Mad Sam,” and now…uh…I can’t remember the hitman’s name in this because unlike those real hitmen of history, this one is really forgettable. People get murdered all the time. Movies come out all the time. Only the notable killings/movies get remembered. This is not one of those notable movies. This movie is pretty evenly split down the middle of what is good and what is bad. Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. Besides the biggest problem of being totally forgettable, the story is pretty generic, the villain (played by the usually amazing Gary Oldman, who is way above this material) is a cardboard, two-dimensional bore, the visual effects are low budget and the movie gets way too over the top. I get that it is a fun, thrill ride that you aren’t meant to take too seriously but they abuse those privileges when a character gets shot in the leg and then minutes later is jumping down flights of stairs without so much as a grimace on his face. Uh…no. One scene with a car explosion was also so ridiculous that I was waiting for both lead characters to break the fourth wall, look at the camera and wink. A lot of stupid things happen in this movie for the sake of comedy but that is totally without logic or reason. On the upside, Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds not only act well, but have some amazing chemistry together. They bring the perfect amount of push and pull to each other, half the time hating each other and the other half having each other’s backs. I liked the production design and how, like in a Bond film, these characters got to do some globetrotting, which made for some solid set pieces. Despite some of the stupidity, the movie is pretty fun (especially a flash back scene) and moves along at a decent pace so you never get bored. Some of the action is really well done with some decent fight choreography and an over the top but fun car chase sequence. Like the overall movie, the humor is hit and miss. Half the time you will laugh and the other half you will just be waiting for the next action scene. I definitely don’t recommend you see this movie in theaters but it is the perfect rental when you are at home and want to…KILL…a couple hours.

#BodyGuardiansOfTheGalaxy / #KincaidingAndAbetting / #InterDeadpol / #TrueBromance / #TheChaseBetweenUs / #InherentBryce

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