2/10 While getting my popcorn at the dollar theater where I saw this movie, the girl serving me asked what movie I was seeing and when I told her which movie I was seeing she replied with, “A customer yesterday said it was better than Jaws.” I laughed but since I hadn’t seen the movie yet I just said, “I guess we will see.” Well now that I have seen this I can honestly say that the person who proclaimed it was better than “Jaws” should never reproduce. That reaches levels of stupidity I didn’t think were possible. The biggest problem with this movie is the same that plagues many horror movies…no character development. When you don’t know or care about your protagonists, you don’t care if they live or die. The movie puts only one scene of “development” in the beginning and thinks that is enough to make the audience care. It didn’t work. In addition to being underdeveloped, these characters are clichéd, boring and forgettable. I think the shark had more personality than any of the human characters. The scenes with the shark(s) are not scary, people do completely idiotic things (like giving out clunky exposition for no reason), etc. A big danger for the girls in this movie are them having limited breath so they need to remain calm and not talk unnecessarily. Instead, they talk nonstop for no reason and consistently waist their air supply. The cheap jump scares won’t stay with you the second you leave the theater. The cast has nothing to work with so they can’t stretch their acting muscles. The score is forgettable and the CGI is very cheap and fake looking. The only positive aspect I can think about is a twist that I did not see coming which I give the movie props for but other than that, this movie is the biggest oceanic disaster since the Titanic sunk. If you want to watch the best shark movie ever made, go watch “Jaws” but if you want something more current (no pun intended), stick with last year’s underrated “The Shallows.”

#47IQPointsDown / #JumpedTheShark / #47MetersDownSyndrome / #KatePlusBait / #MandyMooreSingingLessActing / #MusicByAirSupply

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