8/10 This is why Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors of all time. This man knows how to make a film. Alien: Covenant combines the gore from the original Alien films and mixes it into the mythology created in Prometheus for a winning combination. On a surface level, the production values are as high as you can get. The look of the film is amazing. The special effects all look great, the production design of the ships and the alien planets, the gory kills, all of it. The score fit the film very well and I liked that they brought back the theme from Prometheus while not overusing it or relying too heavily on it. The cinematography is strong and you could see what was going on during action/fight scenes. The editing and acting worked as well (more on that in a bit). This film is intense and definitely a step up from Prometheus. There are a few problems worth noting however. First off, James Franco is literally in this film for one minute of screen time. I don’t know why directors put big name actors into films for such a short amount of time to where it becomes more of a distraction than anything else (i.e.- Johnny Depp in Into the Woods or Andy Garcia in Passengers). A couple of characters fall into the horror film cliché of either doing really stupid things beyond comprehension (Danny McBride’s wife’s character) or going off by themselves. Finally, a few things are inconsistent within the Alien mythology. Although this film felt more thought out and less rushed than Prometheus, a couple things contradict with the timeline of what has taken place in other Alien films. That being said, the highlight of this film is easily the amazing Michael Fassbender (giving Hugh Jackman a run for my favorite actor) and his dual performance. I saw this film twice and seeing his performance again is what brought me back to the theater. The villain in this film is also becoming one of my favorite villains of all time in cinematic history, which is saying a lot. This is also the best film of all time to use the line, “I’ll do the fingering.” If you liked Prometheus, any of the Alien films or just good science fiction in general, check out Alien: Covenant.

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