8/10 What a pleasant surprise this film was. The trailers looked super weird and it is a very independent film, despite having some big names in the cast, which is rare these days. This is by far the most unique and original film of the year so far. What I really loved about this film is that you have no idea in which direction this film is going to take you. Just when you think one thing is going to happen, the director pulls the rug out from under you and does the exact opposite. You wouldn’t have known that this film would have had any dark humor but it definitely does. In fact, all the humor that comes from this film is basically of the darker sort and in no way traditional. The unexpected nature of the film is what kept me enthralled and wondering where they were going to take the story next. I am not the biggest Anne Hathaway fan but she does a great job in this movie, as does Jason Sudeikis. The entire cast is strong which tends to happen in independent films because you know the stars took their respective roles based off of the script and not the paycheck. There were only a couple eye rolling/over the top/too far out there moments and some product placement to bring the film down a couple of notches. And as much of a distraction and negative aspect as product placement is, I can partially forgive it with independent films like this that don’t have the big budgets and big studio backing. Some of the product placement could have been how they financed the film. Minor quibbles aside, myself and a lot of other people tend to complain about all the remakes, sequels, reboots, adaptations, etc. and the lack of originality in Hollywood these days. This is the exact response to those complaints. A totally 100% original film that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. These are the movies we as an audience should be supporting so Hollywood pays attention and takes more risks like this. This film is out of theaters now but if you watch it, pay for the Red Box DVD or pay to stream it, don’t illegally download or torrent it, that way you can support a truly unique film and the straight shot of originality that this film is.

#SleighGround / #ColossalOfClout / #JasonSuDeckedUs / #MonsterMash / #DIEorama / #RockEmSockEmRobots

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