8/10 Peter Berg and Marky Mark are two for two in 2016 following Deepwater Horizon. Although both films deal with relevant, topical subject matter and should slightly enrage you, this film packs more of an emotional punch. It is extremely timely and done tastefully. Americans rarely seem to come together these days but the Boston Marathon bombing was probably the last real time most of us did. The production values are outstanding in this film, particularly the sound editing and mixing. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are now four for four on their film scores and even though it had slight shades of their Gone Girl score, it was still different enough to stand on its own. I thought the film was mostly about the bombings themselves based off of the trailers but this film is really about the aftermath and the ensuing investigation that followed, which was very interesting. I am not 100% sure on how accurate the street battle/shoot out that takes place near the end of the film is but that leads me to the couple of minor complaints I had. First off, speaking of that street battle, my God were the Boston Police Department terrible at their jobs. Maybe being in the infantry spoiled me to how battles should be fought in an intelligent, tactful manner but boy did these cops not know what they were doing and really endanger themselves and others. One cop shoots another on accident for example. Pretty frustrating to see that level of incompetence. Also, the film went a little overboard at times with Boston basically patting themselves on the back after coming together. It is great that Boston and the country came together but the film almost felt masturbatory at times. Michelle Monaghan was utilized in the beginning of the film but then kind of drops off. Would have been nice to see more of her and her acting talent. Overall though, an important film that deals with real world issues, has some solid performances and will tug on your heartstrings.

#WillYouGoToBombWithMe / #PieceOfMankindByBoston / #MarathonOfTheDead / #BlownSurvivor / #Footloose2 / #MuslimOfAllFears

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