8/10 This review feels pretty pointless to write since you already know if this is the kind of movie you want to see or not. If the idea of dangerous pranks, endless male nudity, poop, blood and vomit turns you off (nothing to be ashamed of), then I could give this a 10/10 and you still wouldn’t see it. However, if you’ve enjoyed the last two decades of on and off jackassery from Johnny Knoxville and his merry band of misfits, then you just might find yourself thinking this is your favorite “Jackass” movie yet. I had seen the first three movies as well as the “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” spinoff in theaters but not since they originally came out back when I was in middle/high school. In anticipation for this fourth entry, coming 12 years after “Jackass 3D”, I watched the three full seasons of the original MTV show, which I had never seen as well as revisited the first three films and their “.5” follow ups. From being able to compare them all, I would say that “Jackass” is at its best when the stunts are creative and dangerous or every day folks on the street get sucked into the mayhem with priceless reactions. “Jackass” is at its worst when it focused too heavily on gross out humor with all the poop/vomit/semen filled antics or when it focused too heavily on skateboarding/bike tricks that aren’t relatable to people who don’t religiously following the worlds of boarding and BMX. Thankfully for this movie, despite a penis filled opening number, there was actually less of the vomit inducing and sports related stunts and more animal filled, potentially deadly stunts that are far more enjoyable. One assumption I was completely wrong about was thinking that this would be the tamest and safest “Jackass” outing due to our main cast all hovering around 50 years old. Their older ages didn’t detour them at all as they constantly found new and inventive ways to shock, wow, disgust and appall me for an hour and a half. I haven’t laughed as hard or cringed as much in previous “Jackass” movies as I did in this one, which tells me they did their jobs. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the dedicated crew risks life, limb and decency to entertain us. The chemistry between the original cast coming back after all of these years apart is genuinely sweet and emotional and makes your care about their safety and well-being. As for what didn’t work, I only had a couple of complaints. My main complaint was that the newer, younger cast members, while as crazy and ballsy as Knoxville’s original crew, stick out as unknowns. We don’t get to know them at all and when they interact with the original crew, it just feels like they are the unpopular kids at school wanting to hang out with the popular ones. They had chemistry with each other but not the older, more experienced crew. This is a pretty non-important complaint but was still noticeable. I also wish they would have gotten better celebrity cameos. The MTV series ended with Brad Pitt but here we get…Machine Gun Kelly? Ugh. “Jackass” is popular enough to where they could have attracted better talent for cameos. Besides those minor flaws, I actually was happy to not really see Bam Margera, who was fired during production for violating his contract in regards to substance abuse. He was the only member of the original series who I never liked, due to the fact that he was flat out abusive to his parents. Pranking your folks is one thing, but when you are punching and beating an old, fat guy with all of your strength, it never sat well with me. Regardless, if you mentally prepare yourself for a steady stream of dicks, danger and degeneracy, you just might find yourself laughing until you cry like I did. To paraphrase Norman Osborn, “You know, I’m something of a jackass myself.”
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