Just Mercy

9/10 “Just Mercy” seemed like a film that would be more of a showcase for its actors as opposed to an all-around great film, a la “Judy”. I was luckily proven wrong since this film turned out to be an extremely emotional journey of perseverance, justice, hard work and moral courage. As depressing as some elements of this film are, to be reminded that there are genuinely good people out there who never stop fighting for the downtrodden is a message we all need to hear in this dark world. Don’t get me wrong, the acting is really well done. Jamie Foxx gives an amazing performance and really gets his heartbreak across to the audience. Michael B. Jordan continues to be a rising star and prove how good of an actor he is. Brie Larson has a smaller role but makes the most of it and almost makes me forget how bad “Captain Marvel” was. The story is a very interesting one and one of the scariest aspects of what happened was how current the events are. If this film would have taken place in the 1960s I still would have been appalled at what happened but I would have understood it better. For this to take place in the late 1980s/early 1990s is very saddening, particularly when you read the text at the end of the film and specifically the information involving the warden and how many times he continued to be re-elected after the events of the film. There have been countless movies about people wrongly imprisoned so although this film doesn’t necessarily break new ground, it is told in such a compelling way and we are so emotionally invested that you can’t help but get emotional while watching it. The production design and costume design do a great job of recreating the time period without being overly flashy or distracting. You won’t notice the production and costume design and that is a good thing. Another great thing about this film is that it gives the supporting cast a lot to do whether it is Foxx’s character’s family, the district attorney and the people on his side, Brie Larson’s character and her family, other prisoners, etc. This town in Alabama feels like it has come to life on the screen and that we are actually living amongst it for a couple of hours. My only minor complaints would be that the score is very forgettable and as I stated earlier, films regarding similar subject matter have been done a lot before so this isn’t breaking any new ground. That being said, this is still a phenomenal film that surprised me with how great it ended up being and how emotionally invested I was in it. It may have its mixture of being uplifting and depressing but this is still a film everyone should see as it makes you question your own actions in life and how we treat those around us. “Just Mercy”? Just see it.

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