Motherless Brooklyn

6/10 A film that came and went from theaters in what felt like a time period shorter than how long the running time of this is, “Motherless Brooklyn” is a well made, well acted film that ultimately slogs its way along, leaving much to be desired. Sometimes acclaimed novels don’t always translate perfectly to the big screen and even though I have never read the novel upon which this film is based, after having watched the film I can say that it probably is much better in book form. Nothing from the technical side of things hurt this film. In fact, the highlights of this film are mostly the technical aspects. Edward Norton is both literally and figuratively wearing multiple hats for and in this film. You can tell he is passionate about the material, which comes through in his directing. The attention to detail with the costume design and production design are truly a sight to behold. The acting across the board is fantastic and the neo noir score mixed with the horns of a sultry jazz club perfectly sets the mood and tone. Thom Yorke & Flea do some work on the soundtrack and even though they come from a modern time, Yorke’s vocals fit like a glove for this film. The fact that the lead character has Tourette’s Syndrome in a time period where there wasn’t even a name for that affliction was very interesting and added a layer to what was going on. The biggest problems this film has is with the story. I personally love a good mystery and others may find the film’s mystery more exciting but I just couldn’t fully get interested in what was going on. Trying to solve a murder was the more exciting side of the coin but the other side which dealt with housing development, family ties, etc. just bored me. Since the film is two and a half hours, the film runs low on steam in some areas and I found my mind wandering, waiting for something to happen. The content of the plot added to a film that feels like its running time is what really hurt this for me. It also owes a great deal to the superior “Chinatown”. I actually think Norton should continue to pursue work behind the camera but I hope the next script he works on is a little less bark and a little more bite.

#AGoodDayToSpyHard / #WordMan / #SentencesEndOnAnIfHanger / #ARoseBetweenTwoHorns / #MotherlessBrooklynRules / #BoredWalkEmpire

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