3.5/10 After season one (3/10) and season two (3.5/10), this third and final season is on about the same quality level as the sophomore season, which is to say pretty bad, but there were still some fun moments to be had. Some things come full circle and some other changes came about in this final season. Ruby (Lucy Lawless) is back on the side of evil after a brief stint helping our heroes in the second season. Also, one of my biggest complaints in the debut season was how they brought the Necronomicon back and after seeing where it ended up at the end of season two, its re-introduction here was also incredibly lazy and stupid. I get that the folks making the show just wanted to jump right into the action and kick start the season but the explanation for the Necronomicon’s return was just dumb and nonsensical. There was finally a little bit of repetition setting in with characters we briefly get to know turning into Deadites and then having to be killed. While this has happened throughout all three seasons, it finally began to wear out its welcome for me here. The visual effects largely remained pretty bad due to budgetary restraints while the practical effects remained fantastic. The show continues having no continuity when it comes to blood spatter. Characters get their faces covered in blood and other colorful liquids and when we cut to the next shot, their faces are 95% clean again. This was probably the most noticeable this season and felt incredibly lazy and inconsistent. This season also had by far the most product placement as it shilled for Fruit Loops and we got not one but two different episodes/moments pushing for Pop Tarts. As for some positive changes, we are introduced to Ash (Bruce Campbell) Williams’ daughter Brandy Barr (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) and while her existence is questionable at best to be retconned into the show, the season is certainly better with her inclusion. Not only does Carver-O’Neill give a solid performance and is able to balance the drama with the fight scenes but her relationship with her father provided the heart of the entire season. We get a solid character(s) arc as Ash and Brandy go from having no relationship to Ash trying and failing to be her father figure to how things end up and there was a surprising amount of heart and growth on display between the two of them. Pablo Simon Bolivar (Ray Santiago) remains one of the best, most genuine characters and while Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo) was unfortunately sidelined for a bit of this season like Pablo was in season two, I was happy to see some progress on their respective relationship. This season did feel like it was working with a bigger budget, with the season/series finale looking far more expensive than any other episode of the show, even if it unfortunately takes a little too much from “Stranger Things”. In the end, despite this not being a good show, the quality did stay consistent and if you loved the first season, you will love the following two seasons. If you hate the show right off the bat, it will not change your mind going forward. As an “Evil Dead” fan I enjoyed seeing Bruce Campbell back in the role and the quick pacing of the shorter episodes made this a quick binge watch but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed by all of the missed opportunities and lost potential this show had. It could have possibly been a combination of the writers/showrunners and Starz not giving the proper budget/marketing to make the show a success but either way, I left feeling disappointed. The third season ends with a fourth ready to go but due to its cancellation, it was never meant to be. Luckily, there was enough closure in the finale that the show ending where it did worked out ok and due to the lower quality of the show, I am fine with the series ending. At least we were blessed with this year’s “Evil Dead Rise” (8.5/10) for some high quality “Evil Dead” content.

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