6/10 The second and final season of “Scream Queens” doesn’t quite reach the level of quality as the first season but changing up the location and adding some fun, new cast members certainly kept the season entertaining. While the first season introduced “The Chanels”, season two sees them leaving their mental asylum and entering life working at a hospital where murders begin to take place. The Chanels have to figure out who the new killer or killers are and make it out alive. There are still certainly some laugh out loud moments and clever writing/strong references although a lot of the political jokes fell flat when compared to the first season. I enjoyed that they brought back almost every main character from the first season who survived while introducing new characters with stand outs like John Stamos as Dr. Brock Holt and Taylor Lautner as Dr. Cassidy Cascade. Stamos is a perfect addition and is having a ton of fun with the role. The casting is great and the humor means you won’t care about how unrealistic and over the top all of this is. Emma Roberts continues to be perfect in her role as Chanel Oberlin and this is easily the most fun character she has ever played. Her role in “Scream 4” makes her place on this show all the more appropriate. The soundtrack continues to be fitting and works well while the pacing is perfect too. While the first season was 13 episodes, this slightly shorter season came in at 10 episodes, which worked well since if they would have made another 13, there would have been too much filler. One problem with this season is that the writers didn’t know what to do with Keke Palmer’s Zayday Williams character and Niecy Nash’s Denise Hemphill character so they get completely sidelined. Zayday is kidnapped (just like in the first season) and stuck at the bottom of a hole for half of the season and Denise is frozen until the final episode. Zayday always stood out from the Chanels since she is actually smart and Denise was always a funny character so sidelining the two of them in favor of some of the new characters was a little unfortunate, despite how much I enjoyed the new characters. Both seasons are just silly, ridiculous, over the top fun but the memorable characters, strong soundtrack, great pop culture references (a bomb joke in the season finale is hilarious), decent writing and pitch perfect casting make this show fun to watch and highly entertaining. While the second season took a slight dive in quality due to some repetition from season one, political jokes that didn’t land and not enough time with two of the best characters, at least we got some new characters and a horror appropriate setting to set this apart from season one. If you enjoyed the first season, you’ll definitely want to finish up the show but if season one wasn’t for you then this won’t do anything to change your mind.

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