6.5 Following the 8.5/10 season one debut, we get a little bit of a sophomore slump this time around but are still given an intriguing enough show to want to keep watching. The biggest problem with season two, especially in comparison with the first season is that while the initial debut had twists and turns at the end of nearly every, single episode, season two has the entire first half of the season (a full five episodes) with little excitement, twists or turns taking place. While the second half of the season is far superior, the first half brings the season down with what almost feels like filler at times. Another issue I continued to ask myself was why husband Sean Turner (Toby Kebbell) and brother Julian Pearce (Rupert Grint) continued to do everything they did for Dorothy Turner (Lauren Ambrose). While I completely understand a husband going to extreme lengths for his wife and a brother for his sister, Dorothy became so unhinged, broke so many laws, endangered everyone around her and became so mentally unstable/dangerous that if they really cared for her, they would have had her institutionalized before she hurts them or others. While loyalty to family is an extremely important thing, I had to ask myself at what point they would draw a line and say no to her. Sean seems to simp and do anything and everything she asks with Julian doing the same. I get that they blame themselves but things went too far to suspend my disbelief. Another issue this season is that none of those three leading characters seemed to work their jobs. Sean cooked pizzas for one episode, Dorothy is apparently on a longer job hiatus than Pete Buttigieg pretending that he needs three months of paternity leave and Julian has never really seemed to work, showing up whenever he is called. At some point I had to wonder how they are able to live so lavishly, pull large sums of money together quickly, pay their rent and a private investigator and drink more wine than Chelsea Handler while not bringing in seemingly any money. Despite the slow pacing of the first half of the season, less twists and turns per episode and no one seeming to work anymore, the season did have its strengths. We are introduced to a couple new characters who work really well. The acting continues to be a strength and Trevor Gureckis continues to send chills down our spines with his creepy and disturbing score, greatly helping to set the mood/tone of the show after establishing it in the first season. The fact that the show is able to stay interesting in almost one, singular location is impressive and with episodes lasting half an hour or less, this is a quick watch that won’t steal too much of your time. While a bit disappointing considering the high bar that season one set, season two still kept me guessing and wanting to know what came next. With only two seasons left, I am hoping the quality picks back up to season one levels and more of our questions regarding the cult pulling the strings will be answered.

#GoneBabyGone2 / #DieSonVacuum / #SeanOfTheStead / #RockNStrolla / #LeanneNurseryRhymes / #ToNellAndBackAgain

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