1.5/10 When I read the synopsis for the 2019 Netflix original movie which states, “A snowstorm hits a small midwestern town on Christmas Eve, bringing together a group of high school students. They soon find their friendships and love lives colliding and Christmas morning, nothing will be the same.” I thought that this snowstorm might trap people inside of a single location together like “The Hateful Eight” but have people falling in love or having enemies become friends. Instead, not only is there not a snowstorm (it literally just snows normally) but most of the characters are separated for the entirety of the movie, not “colliding” until the very end when they end up in the same location. The misleading synopsis makes it seem as if this group being forced together due to the snowstorm is what makes them learn to love each other since they’re all stuck together but this unoriginal, uninspired, unfunny movie is nothing like the synopsis. What is essentially a rip off of “Love Actually” but with younger, more annoying and diverse characters, “Let It Snow” has absolutely nothing new to offer the Christmas genre of movies and you will begin to forget about it the second the movie ends. Before I go on with why this movie should be avoided like getting black out drunk at your office Christmas party and hitting on your boss’s spouse, I will praise the very few aspects worth complimenting here. With an hour and a half running time, the pacing at least speeds by so you won’t have to suffer for long. Other than that, Isabela Merced as Julie and Shameik Moore as Stuart are the only real highlights in the cast and it just so happens that they share the same subplot, making theirs the strongest. Besides that, this movie is a travesty that kills your holiday spirit more than it excites you for Christmas. Since according to Netflix, 97% of the population is LGBT, we of course get a forced lesbian subplot to check that diversity box, despite the plot line being completely unoriginal. Characters are so one note, feel completely unrealistic, switch motivations on a dime (two twin characters, Chad and Pete, go from wanting to beat the Hell out of a kid to loving him within 30 seconds, no joke) and are just cliché stereotypes. Once I found out that the talentless Kay Cannon (“Pitch Perfect 3”, 2021’s “Cinderella”) had a part in the movie’s screenplay, the horrible writing began to make a bit more sense. Jacob Batalon shows up as Keon but he should really be in an Easter movie instead of a Christmas one since he looks like a literal egg (waiting for him to star in a live action Humpty Dumpty movie). Half of the characters are impossible to even root for since they are so unlikeable and shallow. A waffle house/diner hosts a party yet not only are there no adult managers supervising the waffle house but using it for a party would literally be illegal since they are violating health and safety regulations which establishments that serve food must maintain. Joan Cusack must be low on money because she takes on a ridiculous role that is played off mainly as a joke but like every other attempt at humor in the movie, it isn’t a funny one. Having her narrate the movie also didn’t make any sense. The soundtrack was horrendous and the direction as generic as possible. Every December as I review Netflix Christmas movies (“A Castle for Christmas” – 2.5/10, “Holidate” – 2.5/10), I come to realize that Netflix quality continues to go downhill faster than a runaway sled so I think I will switch to literally any other streaming service for holiday content beginning next year since Netflix continues to prove that their downfall is well deserved.
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