8.5/10 One of the best but most tragic films of 2022, “The Good Nurse” is adapted from Charles Graeber’s book about Charlie Cullen, who might have single handedly murdered more people than any serial killer in world history (although since many deaths weren’t officially linked to him, the official body count is much lower). What is fascinating is that despite pop culture’s fascination with serial killers (just look at the recent, extremely popular Jeffrey Dahmer projects on Netflix as the latest examples), Cullen has remained relatively unknown and even I had never heard of him before viewing this film. The story is fascinating and enthralling and handled with delicate care by director Tobias Lindholm (who also worked on the first season of “Mindhunter” which dealt with serial killers). Lindholm masterfully doesn’t rush anything as he slowly builds tension and lets Krysty Wilson-Cairns’ fantastic script do the heavy lifting. Eddie Redmayne (Cullen) is phenomenal as he is able to be a helping co-worker and charming with children, only to later break down and have his true colors come out in a disturbed interrogation scene. Jessica Chastain plays Amy Loughren, a real life hero who worked with Cullen at the hospital. Not only does the film highlight how Cullen was able to murder hundreds of people over a span of 16 years and nine hospitals in two different states, but the completely corrupt bureaucrats who knew what he was doing and allowed it to continue instead of blowing the whistle. No matter what industry people work in (politics, medicine, teaching, military, law enforcement, etc.), there will always be evil and incompetence on a sadly massive scale and this film is a stark reminder of that. People assume the best in others and ignore laziness, complacency and downright evil that goes on on a daily basis. The score is subtle enough to not overwhelm your senses while simultaneously setting the somber mood perfectly. Despite being two hours long, not a moment is wasted as the slow burn intensifies the longer the film goes on until it reaches its boiling point. I was lucky enough to see this in theaters but if you have a Netflix account, this is a must watch, especially since 90% of what Netflix puts out is absolute garbage, making a film like this shine even brighter in comparison to what’s out there. If you are into serial killers or just fantastic films, this is a must watch in 2022 that I hope receives more hype over time.

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