5/10 In honor of the midterm election today, I thought I would review a limited series that was political in nature. I’m sure leading up to the 2024 Presidential election that I will finally get around to reviewing “The West Wing”. Until then, I thought I’d take a look at the HBO docuseries from Cullen Hoback. Since I follow all things political, I followed Q myself out of curiosity, to see where it might lead and simply to stay informed so I could have an educated opinion if the subject came up or I was asked about it. I was surprised at how many in the media who spoke about Q but knew nothing about it. Their ignorance was glaring and I decided to inform myself before I could condemn or condone the Q movement. A red flag for this series is that it is executive produced by far left radical Adam McKay, who has abandoned strong comedies for unfunny propaganda movies that are more hypocritical than entertaining. I knew he would never attach himself to a docuseries that didn’t lean far to the left and although I wouldn’t say this series is extremely biased, Hoback himself ends up being a problem for the series. Not only do his own biases and disdain for Trump give the series a partisan spin that hurts its credibility but by the end of the series, a large part of it almost becomes about his relationships with the people he has been interviewing, helping Fredrick Brennan move and even flee a country, instead of acting more as a fly on the wall and remaining objective. There is a lot of selective editing and like Q, connecting dots that aren’t there. For example, Hoback throws in a line insinuating Trump’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. However, this series leaves out how after Epstein sexually assaulted a young woman who worked at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Trump barred Epstein from Mar-a-Lago and this lead to their falling out. Also, one of Epstein’s accusers represented by Florida attorney Bradley Edwards noted how Trump was the only high powered individual to help out with his investigation. So it seems that Trump partied with Epstein back in the day, figured out what a predator he was and cut him out of his life. Yet partisans like McKay or Hoback would have you believe they were best friends. When showing footage of Trump speaking at the Stop the Steal rally on January 6th 2021, Hoback conveniently edits out Trump saying to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”, which discredits the myth that Trump incited storming the Capitol building and/or any violence (he later urged everyone to go home). Hoback also tries to draw a line from Q to the mostly peaceful protest on Jan. 6th, even though Q never pushed for violence of any kind in any post. Even though Q posted from 8chan and eventually 8kun, Q posts were nothing like many of the dark, disgusting, hateful content that made its way onto those sites. Lumping it all together as problematic or dangerous was and is misleading. Even though Q ended up essentially being a psyop/controlled opposition which made many false predictions that never came true (a red wave/tsunami in the 2018 midterm election, military tribunals/arrests, etc.), Q was never the dangerous, democracy threatening boogeyman that many made it out to be. If anything, it did bring awareness to sex trafficking and pedophilia, which is far more rampant and common than many would like to believe, unfortunately. The far left social media platforms censoring free speech only further strengthened the movements they fought to discredit. In the final episode, we are also given information about Covid 19, meant to make Trump look stupid by claiming that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which turned out to most likely be true. Other moments regarding the China Virus in the episode have not aged well as Trump has proven to be correct over time with many facts that the media once fought against simply to portray Trump in a negative light. So while the biases, selective editing, omitting relevant information and Hoback inserting himself a bit too much into his work bring the show down to more mediocre levels, there are several areas worth applauding. The show is well made, professional, interviews as many of the relevant players as possible and gives a lot of information in an entertaining way. Even as someone who followed the Q movement out of curiosity, I learned new things about Q that I never knew. The six episodes at an hour each fly by with great pacing as episodes don’t overstay their welcome. The music selected for each episode, whether a score or a song, were both well selected and fitting. The characters are colorful, interesting weirdos who were fun to follow, especially as they turned on each other and their drama/rivalry became fascinating to watch unfold. We are pretty sure who Q was/is, with evidence laid out that seems to make sense, putting the mystery to rest. Overall if you are into politics or followed the Q movement, you might want to check this out, but know that it is biased and sometimes misleading. Maybe you shouldn’t trust the plan but nor should you trust McKay and Hoback.

#MadAboutQ / #MakeAwakeningsGreatAgain / #TheCreepState / #StarringJackie8Chan / #TheManInTheKun / #17Again

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