6/10 A fun but forgettable whodunit, “See How They Run” may not break down any barriers in the genre, but the quick running time and likeable cast make this a film worth checking out at home (it’s not a must see in theaters). In 1953 London, a stage production of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” celebrates its 100th performance, only for a murder to take place as the authorities (Sam Rockwell as Inspector Stoppard and Saoirse Ronan as Constable Stalker) are called in to investigate. Anyone and everyone are suspects (including our investigators) and most of the actors in the stage play have a motive of some kind. What makes the film work overall is mainly Ronan and Rockwell. Ronan, who had four Academy Award nominations for acting by her mid-20’s, has generally stuck to serious, dramatic work (“Brooklyn”, “Atonement”, “Little Women”) but seeing her dip her toes into the comedy realm and absolutely kill it makes me want to see her take on more comedic roles. Rockwell has always been multi-talented across all film genres but his chemistry with Ronan makes the film fun to watch. There are some clever one liners from screenwriter Mark Chappell and two first named director Tom George provides some style to this period piece. The mystery of who the murderer is and their motives behind the killings provide some clever twists and turns. As for what doesn’t work, there are a few factors that hinder the film. Certain individual characters come across as rather two dimensional caricatures of who they are playing (David Oyelowo as Mervyn Cocker-Norris, for example) and most characters don’t get anything in the way of development. The score from Daniel Pemberton is by no means bad at all but feels underwhelming considering the time period and genre being displayed. He could have made the score stand out a little bit more without crossing over into distraction. Certain events that happen in the film are slightly over the top or rely on coincidence to allow for the story to unfold. Those negatives aside, since the film is just over an hour and a half, you aren’t wasting much time should you choose to check this out. The costume and production design expertly recreate the 1950s time period and our male and female leads go brilliantly together. I may not have to see how you run to the theater to watch this but if you run to your couch to check this out and keep your expectations in check, there is definitely some fun to be had with this film.

#TheGreatMouseTrapDetective / #StoppardInTheNameOfTheLaw / #StalkerLondonRanger / #LadyNerd / #FIsForFoulPlay / #DeathOnTheVile

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