0/10 Following 2019’s “Black Christmas”, three years passed until I gave a 0/10 to a movie earlier this year with “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”. I thought maybe I was free and in the clear for another three years until I would have to suffer so dearly while watching a movie but unfortunately I was oh so wrong. “Unfavorable Odds” was able to join the ranks of the two previously mentioned cinematic abortions and forever scar me with not only the worst sound mixing I’ve ever heard in any movie ever (Christopher Nolan would bust a nut if he saw this) but had me dialing a suicide hotline mid ending credits looking for any reason to keep going on. This is a movie that you can’t fully understand how truly horrible it is unless you watch it for yourself (although the trailer certainly sets the mood) but I beg of you not to. I almost wish I was a young kid with cancer so I could contact “Make a Wish Foundation” with my one wish being to purge the entire planet of every physical and digital copy of this disgrace faster than Warner Brothers disposed of “Batgirl”. “Batgirl” must have been “The Dark Knight” compared to this steaming pile of dog crap. I made my first few amateur films back in high school and in all seriousness, what I put out back then was better than this disaster. Roland Emmerich should pair this with “Moonfall” for a disaster double feature. When the movie comes from someone called “Boogievision”, you should know the kind of quality you are signing up for. You could have lit the $3.5 million it cost to make this movie on fire and it would have been better spent. Why is this movie such a disgrace? I’m glad you asked. The plot synopsis reads, “A neglectful husband makes an unconventional bet with a womanizing playboy that he can’t seduce his wife.” The plot is nothing new as there have been plenty of movies where a bet is made by men on either seducing or winning over a female trophy. Usually the guy falls in love along the way and while this doesn’t exactly rip that familiar plot point off, it adds the twist that the man is offering up his wife because he is so confident that she is faithful. Besides the rather cringe worthy plot, every single aspect of movie making that you can grade gets an F-. The script is horrible with unlikeable characters and this is made so poorly that I’ve produced better art from an Etch-A-Sketch as a kid. This feels like some bored adults going through a mid-life crisis were bet that they couldn’t make a movie so they got together on weekends to put together what technically does constitute a “movie” but that leads to eternal suffering. The main character follows his wife and friend around to see if his friend is able to tempt his wife into cheating on him and one of the most painful scenes in the movie involves him spying while they are eating at a restaurant. Brad (Grayson Berry) begins low crawling on the floor of the restaurant with no one noticing or finding his erratic behavior to be completely alarming. Other scenes include Brad following his wife Victoria (Maria Tornberg) to his buddy Wes’ (Charles Ambrose) house and his idea of sneakily flying under the radar involves him doing cartwheels, somersaults and rolling around on the ground, grunting like he is in a bad kung-fu movie. While spying through the window, cops just magically appear behind him to come arrest him. Why they were camping out outside Wes’ residence is a mystery but everything done for “comedic relief” is neither comedic nor brings us any relief. To pad the hour and 20 minute run time, certain scenes have nothing to do with the story and only serve to fill time. The most insanely idiotic example of this is when Brad is walking to work with a coffee cup in his hand that is clearly empty and he stumbles upon some homeless looking people dancing on a flat cardboard box on the side walk. He has one of them hold his empty coffee cup and starts dancing on their cardboard, gets up, grabs his cup and leaves for work. There was absolutely no point to show this and I felt embarrassed just watching the scene so I can’t imagine how the performers felt. Between the coffee cup clearly being empty as it was easily waved around without a single drop spilling to characters pretending to talk on phones that are clearly off/not on phone calls, the crew put about as much effort into making this as a child puts into picking their nose. I also found it somewhat odd that every single supporting black person in the movie is in some kind of subservient role as either a waiter, clerk, secretary, server, bartender, etc. It seemed vaguely racist that those were the only roles they were suited for in the movie. I can’t harp enough on how horrible the sound quality in this movie was. When you film a movie you often re-record sound in post production due to wind blowing or background noise and then you layer it over the actor’s mouths so it matches up. This movie so clearly has multiple layers of sound coming in at out, cutting out to where you hear complete silence before the audio track begins again, etc. It is hard to describe just how horrible the sound quality was here, as if a deaf person was in charge of sound for the movie. All the actors are pushing 50 and seem way too old to waste time making garbage like this (were they black mailed or…?). The number of people who signed off on making this is truly baffling. I am curious if George Soros funded this since he is the biggest financer of evil across the planet. Everything from the amateur acting to the horrendous soundtrack that isn’t fit for an elevator at Christmas time to the unnatural sounding dialogue to the low production value to the abysmal sound design/mixing to the trash score make this a movie that you couldn’t pay me to ever watch again. It took three morons to write this movie but only two movie theater employees to clean up the vomit I left in the theater (I was the only person in the theater watching this, by the way). It must have been incredibly hard for the families of the cast and crew to have to watch this with their loved ones and pretend like they did a good job, patting them on the back while spewing white lies about how funny and enjoyable the movie was. Luckily I am not related to anyone involved with this so I can tell the truth about how this should be avoided at all costs. I’d rather have my name attached to historical slave owner documents than be associated with this movie. This movie was certainly unfavorable and definitely odd.

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