2.5/10 Recognizable superheroes that both kids and adults know, famous A-list celebrity talent and cute animals that children love. On paper “DC League of Super-Pets” should be a smash hit that grosses “Minions” levels of money. So why has this movie barely cleared $80 million in the United States and is still roughly $30 million away from just breaking even? The reason this movie will lose money for Warner Brothers and not receive a sequel (despite being set up for one) is due to how bad and forgettable this movie ends up being. Despite all of the aforementioned positives the movie has going for it, the predictable story, weak script, miscasting and more make this an abject failure. Before I get to why you don’t need to waste your time with this movie, I will give the movie credit where credit is due. The movie is entertaining and well paced so something is always happening on screen, which will ensure kids will enjoy this movie. Some of the voice cast is perfect such as John Krasinski as Superman and Keanu Reeves as Batman. Some of the visual effects look solid and the score gets the job done. However, the rest of the movie falls short. Besides the story being nothing special, most of the action is underwhelming and unimpressive. While some of the visuals look good, the movie overall falls well short of the Pixar level of animated quality. When you look at hair on the dogs or blades of grass, they lack the fine attention to detail that Pixar films have. There are also some inappropriate aspects of the movie that could have easily been cut out. One quick lesbian moment is shoehorned in and one character full on cusses twice with the cuss word being awkwardly bleeped out. Why any of this was put in is beyond me and a horrible decision for a movie aimed at little kids. This follows along with “Lightyear” as a kid’s movie that put in inappropriate material and suffered at the box office, partly as a result of it. While a couple of the voice actors as perfect, many are miscast. Kevin Hart and The Rock are only in the movie due to their name recognition and not because they are actually right for their respective roles. If a famous actor is actually right for their voice part, you forget it is that specific celebrity as they become their character. I never heard anything other than Kevin Hart and The Rock when they spoke because they never became their respective characters. It doesn’t help that they have done other voice acting roles and basically sound the exact same in every voice over they do. Marc Maron as Lex Luthor and Jemaine Clement as Aquaman just don’t sound anything like those characters should sound. While Green Lantern has taken on different names/people before, the film makers thought it would be a good idea to make Green Lantern a fat, Hispanic version of the character which just didn’t work at all. The soundtrack was off and had one song playing during an action scene that didn’t fit with what was going on at all. The whole movie is just uninspired and feels more like it was made to be a cash grab, banking off of familiar superhero characters but you actually have to have a good story and memorable characters for your movie to work, which this doesn’t have. When some evil pets are beating up the human superheroes, I just wasn’t buying any of it. This is a big swing and a miss that you can definitely skip. Stick with “Minions: The Rise of Gru” for you and your kids because there is nothing super about these pets.

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