6/10 An odd but memorable movie, “Spin Me Round” follows Amber (Alison Brie, who also co-writes) as she wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy through the Oliver Garden-esque restaurant she works for. What starts as a seemingly normal and generic trip devolves into chaos, conspiracy and maybe even murder. “Spin Me Round” indeed spins the audience around in many different directions and while not all of it works, I appreciated the misdirection and unpredictability of it all. What starts as somewhat of a romantic comedy quickly spins into something else entirely and the less you know the better. Before we get to what worked about the movie, I will start off with the negatives. While there are a few funny moments, this isn’t nearly as funny as it could be for a movie in the comedy genre. Several moments seem out of place, as if they serve no purpose other than to fill time. There isn’t much replayability as this is a movie I most likely will never revisit. A few parts of the movie seem more like they are done for shock value than to propel the story or to be genuinely funny. That being said, there are certainly elements of this movie to admire. The performances across the board are great with Brie as a fantastic leading lady (I’ve loved her ever since “Community”). Alessandro Nivola plays Nick, the owner of the restaurant chain and his frantic emotions make for some entertaining moments. The other two standouts were Molly Shannon who was completely unhinged as only Shannon could be and Zach Woods as Dana, who is given a meatier role than he usually receives. One of the most surprising but best aspects was the movie’s score from Italian composer Pino Donaggio. Donaggio’s unique, quirky and memorable score was perfectly suited for the movie alongside the soundtrack, making this a strong musical effort from the film makers. As mentioned earlier, the script zig-zagging in unforeseen directions, not allowing the movie to fall into predictable, by the numbers territory makes the final act crazy to watch unfold, which I enjoyed. While not super funny, there are certain moments that did have me laughing out loud. The premise is ridiculous but there is fun to be had with this completely dedicated cast and solid pacing that will have you entertained from start to finish. While the adult content (this movie is unrated) will turn certain viewers off, if you don’t mind the vulgarity of the movie, you will find something to admire once this movie hits a streaming service.

#NickRickAndBreadsticks / #RickyAndTheFlash / #TheItalianHandJob / #NotYourOliveGardenVariety / #BloodAndBoar / #UnderTheTuscanFun

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