5.5/10 The story of a young woman with crushing student loan debt and a criminal past getting caught up in a credit card fraud scheme in LA, “Emily the Criminal” is expertly acted and well paced but riddled with script issues resulting in a forgettable movie. The biggest problem with the movie is that our leading lady Emily (Aubrey Plaza) is so unlikeable, which makes it hard to even root for her. She complains about student loan debt (which she agreed to take out) but still has enough money for alcohol, cocaine and painting materials which make her no money. The frustrating thing is that while she complains about the system keeping her down (how original), she has multiple chances to improve her life but squanders them for crime instead. She is able to move back to New Jersey and stay with family for dirt cheap, but would rather live in LA, one of the most expensive places to live in America. She is granted an interview at a rather prestigious job that she could work her way up in, despite having a criminal history and she loses her mind at the thought of having to start off with an internship. She plays the victim despite being a pretty garbage person and blaming everyone for her problems but herself. The overall story was fine but nothing groundbreaking and this is the type of movie that starts to fade from your memory the second you leave the theater. As for what worked, Plaza does give an incredible performance as she carries the movie all by herself. Supporting work from Theo Rossi (Youcef) is strong as well and it is nice to see him play a non-villain role for once. The pacing is strong with the movie being roughly an hour and a half so you are entertained from start to finish. I did appreciate how the movie went full circle at the end and leaves a couple of things ambiguous for the audience to decide themselves. While the acting is first rate and the movie flew by, the direction was rather bland and the script needed another few passes before this should have been greenlit. I don’t recall a single note from the score, meaning it had zero impact on me at all. A rental/stream if you have nothing to watch so you can see Plaza shine but otherwise this mediocre movie is no must see. Emily may be a criminal, but so is this receiving a 94% on Rotten Opinions.

#NarcsAndRecreationalDrugUse / #EmilyInTerrace / #WellToHerCreditCard / #ForeverALoan / #YoucefCanDoIt / #AMildCard

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