2.5/10 Essentially a rip off of the 2000 movie “Vertical Limit” (the opening is especially similar) but for Gen Z, “Fall” is a ridiculously stupid movie with some of the worst possible characters to get stuck with for an hour and 40 minutes. The movie is completely uninspired and eye rolling but I will give the movie credit where it is due to start this review off. Despite being completely annoying characters, co-leads Grace Caroline Currey as Becky and Virginia Gardner as Hunter are convincing in their respective roles. There are a few moments of genuine suspense/tension that will keep your heart racing. Finally, some of the cinematography adds to the terror while showcasing the height and scope of our protagonists’ situations. Those strengths aside, this movie would have been better if both girls would have fallen within the first 15 minutes and saved us the remaining hour and a half of time that the audience will not get back. If you want to make a survival movie and have the audience root for our protagonists to live and survive, making them stupidly annoying characters is probably not the best way to go about things. Hunter is definitely the worst of the two as she is a soulless social media influencer (ugh) who almost gets the girls killed in a car accident near the beginning of the movie because she is filming herself on her phone. From that point on I was hoping for her death. After the movie’s inciting incident we get a flash forward to “51 weeks later” instead of “1 year later” since that is about one week shy of a year. It reminded me of moms who say their baby is 34.5 weeks old, like I am supposed to do the math. Come on, now. It is also revealed later in the movie that Hunter was doing something horrible but decided to get a tattoo to give away her misdeeds and presumably remind herself of what a horrible person she is. There was zero logic behind getting the tattoo, especially since she supposedly regretted her actions. Another ridiculous moment (one of many) is that the girls are stranded on top of this 2,000 foot tower but have a drone, which is great news for the girls. The problem is that it is on low battery. What is insultingly ridiculous about this is that Hunter, being a social media influencer, would certainly have all of her electronics fully charged before setting out to go film her adventure. Both of the girls’ phones are fully charged but she just so happened to forget to charge her drone so the movie can have another obstacle for the girls to overcome. Speaking of charging, Becky is up on the tower for at least three days/nights looking at pictures on her phone and watching videos of her dad but her battery never seems to decrease at all. Another thing I realized is that she watches a video on her phone of her with her dad when she is about three years old. She looks like she is in her mid 20s (she was around 25 when filming this) so if this video is roughly 22 years old, how is it on her phone? Smart phones weren’t around 22 years ago with the capabilities of today and if it was filmed on an old video camera that means it was uploaded to a computer and then to her phone which seems like an unlikely amount of work for a brief video of play time with daddy. Our leading ladies don’t seemingly do any research about the safety of the tower they are about to risk their lives climbing (you’d think that if it is getting torn down in a month that it is probably for a good reason like it not being safe anymore). There is a light at the top of the tower for airplanes at night but who goes up to change the lightbulb every time it goes out and they need a new one? Since the tower is out of commission and about to be torn down, it is surprising that there is still power going to it and a working lightbulb. There are moments of extreme coincidences to add tension but that never feel realistic. There are two moments when each girl singings an old nursery rhyme (as girls in their mid 20s often do today) and of course, both nursery rhymes contain lyrics about falling. What are the chances? “Cherry Pie”, a song by Warrant gets used in three different parts of the movie which tells me that the film makers only had enough of a budget for one song so they kept repeating it, instead of having the money for more than one song. Despite the performers giving it their all, the script is just dumb with unlikable characters, zero logic and tons of unbelievable stupidity. If you have this on the top of your “to watch” list, make sure that it…falls…to the bottom.

#ComingThisFall / #IQFall / #DopeOnARope / #VerticalDimwit / #VultureShock / #NurseryClimb

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