6/10 A quick paced, satirical yet forgettable takedown of Generation Z, “Bodies Bodies Bodies” nails its satirical elements but essentially gives us no one to root for (with one minor exception) as it shows what a garbage generation Gen Z is. The plot revolves around a group of young, privileged, wealthy 20 something year olds who decide to throw a party during a hurricane. You’d think you’d want to surround yourself with people who know what to do in case of emergencies but these young adults instead just want to live in the moment and party (accurate for most young people). While there is one person who comes prepared and is the only somewhat likeable character in the movie (Lee Pace as Greg), the movie spends more time on other annoying, grating characters who talk like the blue check marks on Twitter, which is pretty cringe inducing. As far as what works, the performances are overall strong and the score from Disasterpeace once again perfectly suits the movie (Disasterpeace is certainly on a hot streak). Since the movie is roughly an hour and a half, the pacing works well as something is always going on, leaving you entertained every step of the way. A decent amount of the humor works really well as these young, dumb characters are completely unaware of how spoiled, ridiculous and horrible they are. The murder mystery at the heart of the story will have you guessing as to who the murder is the entire time, with a comical conclusion at the end, which I enjoyed. The satire of Gen Z is the best part of the movie if you can stomach these annoying characters. As for what didn’t work, besides the aforementioned characters, the soundtrack is pretty awful. While the soundtrack does accurately portray the kind of music Gen Z listens to, it doesn’t make it any more pleasant on your ears. While the score is solid, the soundtrack cancels it out in terms of music. The biggest problem is that once the movie ends, you already begin to forget about it. The story is nothing new (films like “Clue” have treaded similar ground decades ago) so the movie doesn’t stick with you long after it ends. The movie feels disposable and has several characters doing incredibly stupid things, which is a cliché found in most horror movies these days. Overall, while there are elements to enjoy (the cinematography is solid), this movie is better as something to stream down the line as opposed to paying extra to see it in theaters. I appreciate the takedown of Gen Z but a lot of what the movie says is nothing new. “Bodies Bodies Bodies” could certainly pass your time if you are stuck indoors during a hurricane, just don’t expect to be blown away.
#WorldWarGenZ / #WomenDoDie / #TheHomocideSquad / #TheLieOfTheStorm / #ThePartysJustBeginning2 / #TheHateURelive

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